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Chapter 92 Skipping the Love Stage

Chapter 92 Skipping The Love Stage

 "Oops, sorry, it seems like I said something unnecessary." Akane looked at Li Xia's fierce stare and immediately stuck out her tongue. "Being obsessed with work can lead to a decrease in sexual enthusiasm. Please believe me, Li, I will never get tired of you."

 "Hey, do you think that was the point of the apology?" Li Xia's mouth twitched. He saw Akane tilting her head, deep in thought, trying to figure out what exactly needed an apology. Li Xia quickly reached out to stop her from continuing her profound thoughts, lest she say something outrageous. "Let's stop talking about this topic for now. Let's focus on the script."

 After Li Xia finished speaking, he turned to Kiyoura Mai, who had already recovered from her previous emotions. "If there are no issues, let's start revising the script."

 "Revise the script?" Kiyoura Mai shook her golden hair. "But I'm not very good at it."

 "We just need you to provide some insights from a female perspective," Li Xia sat back next to his notebook. "Our project is not only aimed at a specific group."

 "I haven't been in a romantic relationship, so I don't know if there are any flaws in the portrayal of a husband and wife in this script. The core of the story is to resonate with the audience, and any plot flaws would ruin the immersion."

 As soon as Li Xia finished speaking, he saw Kiyoura Mai with a shocked expression, as if she had discovered a new continent, with a face full of curiosity: "Li Xia, have you never been in a relationship?"

 "In Yan Nation, high school relationships are considered a sin," Li Xia waved his hand.

 Of course, in reality, there are quite a few people who secretly have relationships. However, due to his commitment to taking care of his aunt, he focused on studying and wanted to get into a top university.

 But the main reason is that he grew up with his aunt since childhood. He has already seen and even touched the mature woman's body many times, so the bodies of those inexperienced girls naturally lost their appeal.

 In that grade, how could there be so-called love? Most of it is just an illusion created by teenage hormones.

 Li Xia has always felt that love is about unlocking various positions together, trying out every part, lying in bed with inner peace, no ripples, automatically entering sage mode, but still enjoying being together under the sheets.

 "Oh~" Kiyoura Mai's expression was strange. "Seeing how uninterested you usually seem in women, I thought you had already gotten tired of experiencing too many women."

 Kiyoura Mai finished speaking and patted Li Xia's shoulder with a serious expression, saying, "Why don't I take you to experience it, or else you might turn into a pervert who steals girls' underwear."

 "Go away, you dirty girl," Li Xia waved his arm to push her away. He was already used to Kiyoura Mai's talkative personality. "Hurry up and come review the script."

 Kiyoura Mai chuckled lightly and sat down next to Li Xia, taking the mouse from his hand and starting to review it seriously.

 Seeing her earnestly reviewing the script, Li Xia didn't disturb her and sat quietly beside her, but soon felt something touching his leg.

 Li Xia turned his head and saw Akane smiling mischievously at him, her head tilted to one side.

 Looking down, he saw Akane's foot wrapped in opaque black stockings, wearing the kind of black leather shoes that high school girls often wear, stepping on his foot.

 Akane's foot wasn't particularly long, unlike Mizusawa Ryo's long and straight legs that seemed capable of strangling someone, or his aunt's sexy transparent black stockings. Instead, it had a feeling of a girl next door, pure and innocent, making people not think of anything indecent.

 Li Xia didn't pay attention to her, he moved aside, but Akane clearly didn't want to let him go, she followed closely and stepped over.

 So Li Xia also stepped back, and the two of them played under the table, having a great time, like two children who never grew up.

 The two of them were stepping on each other for ten minutes, and Li Xia finally stepped on her foot, pressing down hard to prevent her from retracting.

 Akane immediately pouted, like a little girl who lost a game.

 Li Xia looked down and realized that both pairs of shoes were covered in footprints.

 "You're such a child." Li Xia chuckled softly. Being with Akane was the least stressful. She was like the simplest little girl, without the rules and worries of the adult world.

 Think and do whatever you want, say whatever you want. Being with her was like going back to childhood, arguing with the cute girl next door. There must be birds for girls to pee, and two little ones have no secrets, childhood sweethearts.

 But Li Xia didn't feel nostalgic for long. He remembered that the sexy Asakawa Aki used to live next door when he was a child, and there were no girls among his childhood playmates. So it didn't matter.

 He looked at Kiyoura Mai again, seeing that she was still reading the script, so he asked, "Hey, based on your experience with love, do you see any parts of the plot that are not logical?"

 "Well, there's one point," Kiyoura Mai pointed to a spot, "here, when the male lead first discovers the death of the female lead and the soul returns home, he reacts too stiffly. If it were a normal person encountering a ghost, even if it was their own wife, the normal reaction would be to immediately seek out an exorcist."

 "Well, that makes sense," Li Xia nodded, looking at Kiyoura Mai with a more serious expression. This impure woman still has some insight. It seems she's not just polluted in her thinking; when she's serious, she's quite reliable. "What do you think should be added to make it better?"

 "Add a female exorcist. We have three characters, and I can play the role of the exorcist," Kiyoura Mai said seriously, "Using the exorcist to simply explain the setting about spirits will make the entire story structure more smooth."

 "Okay," Li Xia nodded, adding a simple character to reduce the sense of abruptness in the story.

 "And the exorcist is moved by the male lead." Kiyoura Mai continued earnestly, "Then, wanting to comfort the male lead, the two of them stood in front of the female lead's projection..."

 "Hey!" Li Xia's face darkened, interrupting her, "Why does the plot you're describing feel strangely familiar?"

 "Oh, really?" Kiyoura Mai tilted her head, putting on an innocent expression.

 "Just to make sure, I'll ask again." Li Xia looked skeptical, "Your so-called romantic experience wouldn't be learned from 18+ manga, would it?"

 "How... how could that be!" Kiyoura Mai's gaze wandered, not daring to meet Li Xia's eyes, "There are also movies."

 After saying that, she immediately looked at Akane: "Senior Akane, your romantic experience should be very rich, right?"

 "Romance?" Akane tilted her head, "When two people like each other, they have a baby together, and if their relationship is good, they can have more."

 "Hey, you've skipped over a lot in this process too." Li Xia waved her hand to interrupt Akane, her gaze sweeping over the two of them. "So you two haven't really had a meaningful romantic relationship either."

 "Then, let's give it a try," Kiyoura Mai looked at Li Xia and Akane, "We can pretend to be married."

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