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Chapter 18 Bandit (Part Three)

Chapter 18 Bandit (Part Three)

 I used all my strength to push the rock. The rocks moved back and forth. As I exerted more force, the rock made a loud noise and rolled towards the bandits.

 "What!" "Oh!" "Huh!"

 All three of them tried to speak, but before they could say anything, they were crushed by the rock. The rock continued to roll down the rocky mountain.

 The two dead bodies and the three figures that were there just a moment ago had completely disappeared. The sound of falling rocks must have been heard from far away.

 "What's happening?"

 The boss's voice came from above.

 I climbed up the rocky mountain by going around it, and I reached the bonfire. It seems that the boss has gone downstairs. I rushed to Kiridani Jun and Shimura who were nearby.

 "Are you okay?"

 They turned their swollen faces towards me.

 Even though they were in a pretty bad condition and their eyes were mostly covered, they seemed to recognize me. When the gag was removed, Shimura murmured,


 "I'm here. I came to help."

 I said that and cut Shimura's rope with my dagger. When I tried to cut Kiridani Jun's rope next,

 "Hurry, please help us too!"

 Aoki Runa said, her voice mixed with tears.

 I turned around and put my index finger to my lips, gesturing "quietly".

 But to the girls who were terrified and trembling, that restraint seemed impossible.

 "Please! Hurry, help us quickly!"

 "Cut this rope! Before that man comes back!"

 Did he hear those words? From the path ascending the rocky mountain, the boss's massive figure appeared nonchalantly.

 "Who are you, you bastard?"

 The boss of the bandits barked his question.

 "Shimura! Please save everyone with this!"

 I handed Shimura the dagger and drew the sword from my waist.

 "Hey, where did you take the other girl?"

 I ask in return. Then the boss squints his eyes and tilts his head.

 "Oh, so you're one of them? I see that you have a translator on. You understand my words? What did you do to my subordinate?"

 "I don't know. Maybe they received divine punishment?"

 The boss's eyes gleamed at my evasive response.

 "You dare say that, kid."

 The boss puts his hand on his waist and pulls out a long machete. It's like a sword in length. However, judging from the shape of the tip and the thickness of the blade, it is definitely a machete. A large machete.

 "It's good to have such spirit. As a reward, I'll cut off your limbs, turn you into a doll, and feed you to the orcs."

 The boss brandishes the large machete and approaches me. With a swooshing sound, the large machete is swung down at me. I dodge the machete with minimal movement. I don't parry with a sword. If I were to receive that large machete head-on with my sword, there is a possibility that my sword would break.

 Now, the machete plunged into the ground with excessive force. I slipped past the boss's massive frame, switched positions, and readied my sword.

 (As I thought. That machete is only for the first strike. It can't be used for consecutive attacks.)

 The boss raised the machete again. I maneuvered around in a circular motion, skillfully avoiding the strikes. The same attack and defense continued. The boss must have absolute confidence in the power of the machete. But it's meaningless if it doesn't hit.

 Swinging the machete requires physical strength. The boss's movements gradually became sloppy. He's fatigued.

 Once again, the boss struck with the machete. I narrowly dodged the sword and, at the same time, slipped past, cutting the boss's left knee.


 The boss groaned and lost balance. I quickly regained my stance and then cut the boss's left arm. Neither strike was severe enough to sever a limb, but they deeply tore through the muscle.


 The boss roars and swings the large machete sideways. I step back and narrowly dodge the machete once again. Then, I immediately slash at his right hand holding the machete.


 The boss injures his left leg, slowing down his movements, and he also suffers deep wounds on both hands, making it impossible for him to swing the large machete freely anymore.

 I thought that was it. But the boss starts swinging the large machete wildly in a figure-eight pattern. I made a fatal mistake by stepping back right behind me. If I step back any further on this narrow cliff, I'll be cornered in no time.

 That's when it happened. The boss's movements suddenly stop. I see a battle axe deeply embedded in his right shoulder. Shimura attacked the boss from behind with the battle axe.


 Those were the boss's final words. I seize the opportunity and thrust my sword deep into his throat. The sword pierces through the boss's throat, and the tip of the blade emerges from under the back of his head. The light in the boss's eyes quickly fades, and the large machete falls to the ground. The boss's body collapses with a loud thud.


 While quietly exhaling, I reflected on the recent battle.

 (I still have a long way to go. Being overwhelmed by such opponents and stepping back like this. I need to receive training from the "Old Man of the Black Forest" again.)

 The reason I can fight with a sword like this is because I have been training under a sword master called the "Old Man of the Black Forest" in each loop.

 Originally, I learned kendo during elementary school, but in battles where "anything goes" in this world, kendo as a martial art was not very useful. And on the fifth loop, I met the "Old Man of the Black Forest". He corrected the flaws in my kendo and developed its strengths, while imparting the practical sword techniques he had honed in this world.

 (Thanks to him, I should be better than your average swordsman... How pathetic.)

 I still have weak emotions.

 I saw Shimura on both knees, breathing heavily with his face on the ground. I approached Shimura and said, "Thank you, Shimura. I owe you for saving me." He tried to force a smile despite his swollen face. But even that caused intense pain, and he groaned softly, curling his back.

 (To think that he moved to help me with such a body... Shimura has much more courage and guts than me.)

 When I looked up, Kiridani Jun was still lying on the ground. The girl appears to be tied up. I got close to Aoki Runa and Nemoto Reiko and cut their ropes. Aoki Runa clings to my waist.

 "Thank you, thank you... I, I believed that Akito would come to help... I believed it."

 I asked her as she said while crying.

 "What about Nomura-san? Where is she?"

 Aoki Runa shook her head.

 "I don't know. She was taken away by a man in a black coat. I don't know where they went..."

 "Do you know where she was separated from the man who took Nomura-san? Which way did he go?"

 "I don't know. Because I don't even know where this is."

 I turned my gaze towards Nemoto Reiko, and she shook her head from side to side.

 (Damn it, I can't help like this. No, if I go back now and follow the horse's tracks...)

 When I thought that, Aoki Runa looked up at me.

 "Akito, you're not thinking of going to look for Mika, right?"

 I unconsciously looked at her.

 "No! Don't go! Don't leave us behind! Stay here, stay!"

 She shouted in a panic and clung tighter to my waist. Nemoto Reiko also opened her mouth in a frightened manner.

 "I also plead with you... Akito-kun, please don't go..."

 (I think it's already safe here... But I'm also worried about Kashima)

 While thinking that, I looked at the two of them, Shimura who was still crouching, and Kiridani Jun who was lying down. The two of them are completely frightened. And they believe that I'm the only one they can rely on.

 (I can't even figure out where they parted ways, alone in the middle of the night, chasing after the trail of a horse. It's impossible, isn't it?)

 I gave up on tracking Nomura Mika. All I can do now is pray for her luck. And... I don't think Kashima will be saved if I go now.

 I can't save everyone. I don't have that kind of power. I have to come to terms with it somewhere.

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