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Chapter 11 System Punishment

Chapter 11 Split Away (Part Two)

 After walking around the area for about an hour, I returned to the church and found Midoritani Tsubasa standing in front of the door.

 "Where were you?"

 She asked with a slightly worried expression.

 "I was just walking around this area. I was looking for any usable weapons."

 As I said that, I placed the weapons I was holding in both hands on the ground with a thud.

 "Aren't you in danger going out alone?"

 "It's not that dangerous. Once the sun rises, the night monsters like zombies turn back into corpses. And the beast-type monsters aren't very active in the morning either."

 "Akito-kun seems to know a lot about this world."

 I didn't respond to her words. I will only speak the truth when I have built more trust with everyone.

 "Midoritani-san, you should also choose a weapon you like from here. I think this Crescent Moon Sword is light and easy to use, even for a girl."



 "Instead of my last name, you can just call me by my first name. Tsubasa."

 She said so with a slightly embarrassed look.

 (In the previous loop, she didn't let me call her by her name so quickly like this)

 While I thought that, seeing her usually tomboyish self show a shy expression felt somewhat refreshing.

 "Don't misunderstand. Look, when there's a battle like yesterday, it wouldn't be timely if you called me by my last name every time. That's why I just thought it would be better if you called me by my name."

 I chuckled at her like that.

 "I understand, Tsubasa. Then, here."

 Saying that, I handed her the crescent blade.

 It doesn't have much length, but it's light enough for a girl to handle with one hand.

 "Thank you, Akito-kun."

 "I'm fine with just Akito too. By the way, you were fighting zombies with just a stick yesterday, right? That's amazing."

 "It's not like that. And that stick was originally something Akito gave me."

 I had doubts about those words.

 "I gave it? I don't remember doing that."

 "There was a grassland where the goblins first appeared. At that time, Akito threw a stone axe and defeated the goblin, and you told me to take the spear. It's as good as Akito giving it to me."

 After hearing that, I finally understood.

 "Oh, so that stick was the goblin's spear."

 "Although, it broke when we were attacked by flying monsters afterwards."

 Flying monsters, you mean wyverns?

 "Did Tsubasa and the others encounter wyverns too? How many people were there at first?"

 "When we took refuge in the forest, there were 11 of us. But after that, two were killed by that wyvern thing. And then last night, Kato-san... and even Muto-kun..."

 I see. So their group had lost four people before coming here. Then Tsubasa asked me next.

 "Akito and the others, how was it? Was everyone okay?"

 "Not everyone was okay. Kojima-san was killed by the wyverns after all."

 "I see, Kojima-san…"

 After a brief silence, Tsubasa spoke again.

 "But it's still amazing, isn't it? Only one person was sacrificed, right? And Akito protected everyone, didn't he?"

 Tsubasa looked at me with shining eyes.

 "Can I really say that I protected them…"

 It felt a little awkward to be looked at with such admiration by her. I'm just used to this world. I'm not the kind of person who is respected or admired by others, really.

 "Oh, are you two already awake?"

 With those words, Kiridani Jun emerged from the church. Following him, Kondo Shuichi, Kashima Shougou, Shimura, and Morimura appeared.

 Everyone gathered around the weapons I had collected.

 "Oh, I think this one suits me."

 Said Kashima Shougou as he picked up a longsword, a two-handed sword. As the captain of the kendo club, it was a perfect fit for him.

 "Yes, I thought that would be just right for Kashima, so I picked it up."

 "Then I'll go with this one."

 Jun Kiridani picked up a one-handed sword.

 "In this world, one-handed swords are used with a shield like this one."

 I pointed to a round shield attached to the left hand.

 "Is that so? Then maybe I'll take this shield too."

 Similarly, Morimura also chose a one-handed sword. Shimura chose a battle axe, saying "It looks powerful." Kondo Shuichi chose a spear. The remaining options were a dagger for the girls and a slender rapier.

 As everyone joyfully gazes at the new weapons in their hands, they immediately begin to test their usability by swinging them around. In the meantime, I say, "I'll go wake up the girls," and enter the church.

 When I go upstairs, the girls are already awake. It seems that even in this different world, they are concerned about their appearance, desperately tidying their hair.

 "When you're ready, come down. I want to give everyone their weapons."

 With just that, I quickly go downstairs. It would be rude to stay too long in a place where the girls are getting up.

 Everyone takes their weapons and grabs their belongings, and we leave the church. Although, the only one carrying a proper load is me. Everyone else only has their weapons and empty water bottles. The water bottles serve as substitutes for canteens when there is a spring.

 Now, we walk earnestly through the battlefield's grassy plain. And as we do, Kondo Shuichi asks,

 "Akito-kun, where are we walking to? Do you have a destination in mind?"

 "If this is a battlefield, there should be a road where the army has walked. If we go out on the road, it should lead to the town, so let's aim for that first."

 "I see, that makes sense."

 After Kondo Shuichi nodded in agreement, he looked at me again.

 "Akito-kun, I've been curious since yesterday, but you seem to have knowledge about this world. Why is that?"

 (Everyone keeps asking the same question. It's only natural, though.)

 I reluctantly answered while feeling annoyed.

 "I'm just thinking of this as an anime or game world. If it's an alternate world, then that knowledge should apply."

 "With just that, you're able to make such accurate judgments?"

 "Are you making fun of anime and games? Works of fiction are created with the aim of being consistent within their own worlds. So if there are monsters and magic in an alternate world, the knowledge and rules of the anime and game world are valid. They're effective."

 This is true. In fact, at first, I survived with my knowledge of anime, manga, and games.

 "That's true."

 Kondo Shuichi seemed to understand, and fell silent. Unfortunately, this student council president's parents are quite strict, and he's been told that "games, manga, anime" are completely off-limits. It seems that the only thing he's allowed to read is light novels.

 Following behind are Morimura, Kondo Shuichi, Akamine Alice, Midoritani Tsubasa, Mizuno Kaede, Shimura, and Kashima Shougou, Nemoto Reiko, and Nomura Mika, with Kiridani Jun and Aoki Runa at the very back.

 Kondo Shuichi seems interested in Akamine Alice, but he can't get close as she's sandwiched between Midoritani Tsubasa and Mizuno Kaede. Occasionally, all he can manage is to ask, "Are you okay? Not tired?"

 Nemoto Reiko and Nomura Mika seem to be unsure whether they should be by my side or by the side of the sunny leader Kiridani Jun. In the usual classroom setting, it would be natural to be near Kiridani Jun, but it seems that since coming to this world, they have felt that I am taking the lead. So, they seem to be hesitating about which side to approach.

 Kiridani Jun is infatuated with Aoki Runa. However, Runa seems to be in a panic state due to the events since yesterday. She occasionally becomes hysterical and takes it out on Kiridani Jun. ...Poor thing.

 Shimura swung the battle-axe.

 "Ah, I wish the monsters would come out soon. I want to try using this too."

 I gave a wry smile.

 "That's fine, but be careful. The battle-axe has great power in a single blow, but it lacks speed. If you let the first blow be dodged, you'll be open to the opponent's attack."

 "Leave it to me. I'll show you my skills. I won't let Akito have all the fun!"

 Saying that, Shimura shouted, "Yeah!" and swung his battle axe. I really like Shimura's optimistic nature. It blows away the heavy atmosphere.

 Eventually, we reached a road that runs north and south.

 "So, which way do we go?"

 Kiridani Jun asked, looking left and right along the road.

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