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Chapter 14 Parent-Child Bath

Chapter 14 The Town Of Beginning, Sakurakand (Part Two)

 When everyone returned, Kondo Shuichi asked with a curious expression,

 "What on earth were you talking about with the owner of that old man's stall?"

 "I bought this."

 I said, taking out a translator from my backpack.

 "What is this?" asked Alice.

 "It's a magic item called a translator. Just by wearing it around your neck, it translates the other person's words into Japanese, and our words can be understood by the other person. It's like the translation function on a smartphone, you could say."

 "Hmm, so this allows you to understand the words of people in this world?"

 Tsubasa said, putting the translator around her neck, and her eyes widened immediately.

 "Really! I didn't understand what people were saying before, but now that I have this on, I can understand what people in the town are saying!"

 "Wow, that's interesting! Oh, I see. But listening like this, the content of the conversation isn't so different from our world, surprisingly."

 With that, Alice looks around with interest. While waiting for everyone to put on their translators, I said,

 "This way, we won't have any trouble with words. It's not cheap, so make sure you don't lose it or get it stolen. Well then, let's go look for an inn."

 As we toured the town, I searched for an inn. Along the way, I exchanged the items I picked up at the remaining battlefield sites for money at an antique shop. I didn't exchange them at the old man's stall earlier because I was wary of being ripped off.

 At the shop, they bought them at the regular price. Among the items I sold, a jewel-adorned dagger that didn't seem very practical sold for a good price. With this, I should be able to manage our immediate funds.

 There are several inns, but here too, I choose the usual inn. It's a mid-class inn facing the central square with the main fountain. When I opened the door and entered, a beautiful girl with golden hair and green eyes called out to me from the front desk next to the stairs.

 "Welcome. Are you staying? Or dining?"

 Her name is Gina.

 She is 16 years old.

 Kondo Shuichi and Morimura paused for a moment.

 Yes, she is a beautiful girl like Alice.

 I went to the front desk and said with a practiced tone.

 "Both. We would like two rooms that can accommodate three people each. Can we have meals immediately as well?"

 "The dining area is not ready for dinner yet... We can only serve bread and stew."

 "That's fine."

 "So, is it okay to have two four-person rooms? It doesn't matter if you pay for three people in one room. How many days will you be staying?"

 "For now, seven days. But depending on the situation, I might stay longer."


 "Also, I will be touring the surrounding areas during the stay, so there will be some days when I won't come back to the inn. But during that time, I don't want the room to be rented to other people. Of course, I will prepay for those days as well."

 "Understood. So it will be 20 gil per person. For 6 people for 7 days, umm..."

 "840 gil."

 "Oh, is that so? You're quick with calculations, dear guest."

 Gina looked at me with surprised eyes. In this world, it seems that commoners don't study mathematics much, so a person who can do such calculations in their head is rare.

 After paying the accommodation fee, I received two keys from her. Room 205 and room 206. I handed the key to room 206 to Tsubasa.

 "Use this room for the girls. We'll be in room 205."

 After receiving the key, Tsubasa asked,

 "Hey, Akito, why did you choose this inn?"

 "It's nothing deep. It just looked the cleanest facing the central square. That's all."


 She said it with a slightly doubtful tone.

 "It's true. Why do you ask that?"

 "Oh, no reason..."

 After saying that, Tsubasa looked at me with upturned eyes.

 "Maybe it's because the woman at the front desk was pretty, or something like that..."

 "It's not like that. You can't see the front desk from the outside, right?"

 "Maybe you saw through the window. After all, Akito went into this inn without hesitation."

 Indeed, I had been aiming for this inn from the beginning. As I mentioned earlier, it faces the central square, making it convenient for shopping, and it's the cleanest inn in the area.

 The inn is run by Gina, her sister Ellen, and their mother. They are like idols in this town and are well-informed. Martha, the mother, also does fortune-telling as a hobby, and it's reputed to be accurate. The rooms are clean despite being inexpensive, and you can sleep comfortably. The ground floor also serves as a diner with delicious food.

 As a result, many adventurers gather here for meals and drinks, making it easy to gather information. Knowing all this, I've decided to stay at this inn in this town.

 As I climbed the stairs, I replied to Tsubasa.

 "It's not like that. But before that, could you come down to the first floor as soon as you put down your luggage? Everyone must be hungry."

 I don't know if Tsubasa was satisfied with that, but she didn't say anything.

 Me, Morimura, and Kondo Shuichi entered room 205.

 This inn is three stories high, with a diner on the first floor and lodging on the second and third floors.

 There seem to be six rooms on each floor.

 The room has two bunk beds, a relatively inexpensive room for adventurers.

 There are two small tables and chairs by the window.

 We decide who uses which bed by playing rock-paper-scissors.

 I end up on the bottom bunk with Kondo Shuichi, and Morimura takes the top bunk above me.

 As I took off my backpack and sword, Kondo Shuichi, who was sitting on the opposite bed, stared at me intently.

 "Is there something wrong?"

 When I said that, Kondo said, "Isn't it about time you told me?" I knew what he meant, but I feigned ignorance and asked, "About what?" Then Kondo leaned forward and began speaking.

 "Why do you know so much about this world?"

 "I've already told you. It's knowledge from games and anime."

 "That can't be the reason. Even if you have knowledge of other worlds from games and anime, there's no way you would know about the existence of this world's language or translation devices. Your negotiation with the street vendor seemed so natural. Even if I, someone who knows nothing about games and anime, can understand that much."

 Morimura, who became interested in the conversation, also joined us. Both of them stared at me intently. However, I still wasn't willing to reveal everything.

 My time leaps occur either when I die or when everyone in the class is wiped out. If I were to tell them that I've looped dozens of times, they would realize how low the possibility of their fate is.

 As a result, I've seen many people become despondent or commit suicide. Even Kondo Shuichi in front of me has, in past loops, become desperate and tried to involve his classmates in a suicide.

 So I had made up my mind.

 I will only speak the truth when the members believe in me from the bottom of their hearts.

 (However, excuses won't work anymore, will they?)

 I let out a deep sigh and started speaking.

 "Well, it's true that I have some knowledge about this world."

 Upon hearing that, even Morimura said, "I knew it."

 "Why do you know about this world?"

 Kondo questioned me.

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