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Chapter 85 A Disappointing Hero, but Still

Chapter 85 A Disappointing Hero, But Still.Txt


 I don't know the details, but... hasn't everyone dreamed about redoing something once?

 If only I could redo that time.

 If only I had made a different choice back then.

 It's not like I don't have anything.

 From someone else's perspective, I might be quite fortunate right now.

 Not just in terms of power, but also, for now, I don't need to worry about money.


 If there is an alternative present with Misa-chan in front of me right now...

 9:45... 9:44...

 Damn it.

 This countdown is cruel once again.

 I read something like this in a manga once.

 People can't bear losses, in other words, they can't choose to "not redo" it.

 If I choose not to redo it here, I don't know what I will lose.

 Thinking that I might never have a chance like this again, I hesitate.

 This isn't just about Misa-chan.

 If I could go back further than high school, maybe I could change my relationships with Kanae and Takashi too.

 I'm not sure if I can forgive the two of them who betrayed me, but if there's something I did wrong...

 "What's wrong?"

 "Oh, well... it's a weird question, but..."

 "What is it?"

 "If, back in high school, I, for example..."

 I wonder what would have happened if I confessed to Misa-chan. If it wasn't Takashi, but me who had fallen in love with her first...


 "Oh, sorry, did I wake you up, Junji?"

 When I turned around to follow Misa-chan's gaze, Junji-kun had sat up. He then approached me with small steps... and hugged me.

 "A-chan? What's wrong?"

 "I... had a scary dream."

 "A scary dream?"

 "Yeah... a dream where Tadayuki-niichan disappears somewhere..."

 Junji-kun's body was trembling slightly, as if he had been really scared.


 What was I hesitating about? Me.

 To start over means killing this child.

 It means erasing his existence.

 It's such a self-centered and arrogant way of thinking, trying to change the people around you and the world to suit your own preferences.

 That's right, the advice left by the Demon Lord was──.

 'Understand the feelings of the weak.'

 'Don't drown in power.'

 Thinking that I can change the world is incredibly conceited.

 It's exactly the behavior of someone who has drowned in power.

 I am a disappointing hero.

 My personality is also finished.

 If I become capable of making the choice to casually erase this child who clings to me anxiously.

 ──As a human being, I will be finished.

 "It's okay, Acchan. I'm not going anywhere. You can relax."

 When I stroke his head, Junji-kun's expression changes completely, and he nods with a smile, saying "Yeah!"

 "Thank you, Acchan."


 He didn't understand the meaning of my gratitude.

 But thanks to this child, I feel like I can still be a little more human.

 I lift him up and place him on my lap, bringing up a topic.

 "Acchan, did you play a lot with your friends today?"

 "Yeah! They're new friends..."

 As it is, I listened to Acchan's stories of the day. He continued talking with an excited expression, as if she had a lot of fun. After the conversation settled down, Misa-chan asked.

 "By the way, what was that story about Tadayuki-kun earlier?"

 "...No, it's nothing. It's just my imagination."

 For now, there's no need to worry. It's fine to stay as we are until her exams are over. Let's not do anything that would disturb Misa-chan's peace of mind.

 "Is that so?"


 ──On the timing when I replied, the countdown reached zero.

* * *

 The day after skipping the [Redo], I visited the Special Forces. After confirming the memory fixation, Nick was recovered and left at his apartment. The Special Forces will face various suspicions for a while, but well, let's leave that to Shibuya-san.

 Tanabe-Sensei has become a freeloader as a special guest. He is a problematic person, but it seems like the special forces are understaffed, so I guess they'll just keep him on hand and keep an eye on him.

 I also removed the contents of his [Item Box], returned the skills, and lent him [Otherworld Language Understanding V].

 Anyway, A visitor...'Baoh,' was it? It seems like they're in charge over there.

 Well, the main topic for today is different.


 "What? Tadayuki"


 (Transferred the skill [Return by Death])

 "Eh? What's this..."

 "Kyoko, please keep it, or rather, I want you to have it. If you don't like it, you can return it."

 "Well, it's not that I don't like it. But, is it okay to have such a valuable skill?"

 "Yeah. And, I have one request. As far as I know, only Kyoko can do this."

 "Eh, what...?"

 Even though I can't deny that it seems difficult to push such a responsibility on her, and I don't have any resistance to it. Still, she's the only one I can entrust this to.

 "If... I were to cross the line as a person... I want you to use that against me and defeat me."

 I won't explain in detail.

 It should be clear.

 If I were to drown in power and go out of control.

 Perhaps the only one who can stop me is her.

 She let out a sigh and looked at me with a slightly resentful expression.

 "A significant role, huh?"

 "Well, I'll do my best not to cause any trouble."

 "Yeah, but defeating you is a different story, right?"


 It must be her habit.

 Maybe it's a gesture she often does to her younger brother.

 With her finger pressed against my chest, just like back then, Kyoko smiled.

 "I'll make sure to [Record] this moment. If Tadayuki starts to lose his way... I'll come back here and stop him, myself."

 I can feel a strong determination in her smile.

 It makes me happy that she accepted my impolite request.

 "Ah, I see. Thank you."

 Breaking the somewhat solemn atmosphere, Kyoko said jokingly.

 "So, how about treating me to dinner today? Can I make that request?"

 "Oh, of course. Oh, by the way, should we invite your brother too?"

 In response to my offer, she thought for a moment before answering.

 "...For now, let's just leave it."

 I wonder why.

 There's no need to hold back.

* * *

 It has been about two years since I graduated, and I visited my alma mater.

 Today is the announcement of Misa-chan's acceptance.

 When it was my turn, I checked online, but I came to see it in person this time.

 "I found it! I found it!"

 "That's great!"

 "Yeah, thanks to you, Tadayuki-kun!"

 Misa-chan, who found her number, is delighted.

 The moment her hard work paid off.

 I'm glad I could witness it.

 And these past few months.

 I've been facing my feelings.

 I don't understand.

 What is it?

 I like what I like.

 But if someone were to say it's just sexual desire, I can't really deny it.

 If someone ask me, I even like Kyoko-chan.

 But if someone were to say that's just sexual desire, I can't really deny it.

 What's more, I don't dislike the goddess.

 The feeling that not doing it at that time was a mistake grows day by day.

 But when I calm down, there's something eerie about it, like there's something behind it.

 When you get too friendly, it feels like you're given trials periodically.

 "Tadayuki-niichan, what's wrong?"

 Junji-kun's voice brings me back to reality.

 "Um, it's nothing..."

 As I tried to answer, at that moment.

 I saw a familiar pattern at Junji-kun's feet.

 It's a summoning magic circle!

 This is bad.

 I hurriedly embraced him, but my vision went dark.


 And so, the "Tokyo edition" comes to an end.

 I will be taking a break for a while.

 Please look forward to the resumption.

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