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Chapter 19 Anxiety and Temptation (Part One)

Chapter 19 Anxiety And Temptation (Part One)

 That night, we decided to camp at the bandits' campsite. Kiridani Jun and Shimura were in no condition to walk properly, and it was too dangerous to move in the middle of the night.

 In this regard, even if monsters were to attack, they could be quickly discovered here, and being on higher ground gives us an advantage in battle. Moreover, the fact that the bandits, who know this area inside out, chose this as their campsite, means that it is undoubtedly safe here.

 To avoid the rain and dew, the four of us slept under the rock ledge. I kept watch alone. In the current situation, I couldn't ask Shimura or Kiridani Jun to keep watch.

 (Well, there's no helping it.)

 I sat on the rock and gazed at the world. Grasslands spread around the rocky mountain. To the south, there were low mountains lined up. Beyond them lies the town of Sakurakand.

 To the west, there is a hilly area covered with dense forests. On the other side of that, there is the grassland where we first appeared in this world and were attacked by goblins. The east is also a plain, but it is a forest that could be called a sea of trees. On the opposite side of this mountain, in other words, the north side, there would be a range of rocky mountains.

 (I wonder why. Maybe because I've looped so many times, this world feels like home.)

 But in reality, even I want to break free from this loop. It's scary to fight, and every time I come back to life, I have to taste the pain of death again. There were even tragic ways to die, saying they'd rather die than experience it again. Nevertheless, the strategy for this world has yet to be found.

 (And yet, somewhere in my heart, I'm starting to be drawn to this world...)


 As I was thinking of something, I heard someone call me from behind. I turned around and saw Aoki Runa standing there.

 "Is something wrong? Can't you sleep?"

 When I asked, she nodded slightly.

 "Thinking about what happened earlier... I'm so scared, so..."

 "It's okay now. So you should rest a little. We'll leave when the sun rises."

 "But I'm scared and can't sleep..."

 Looking at her, her usual strong and confident attitude in the school hierarchy was nowhere to be seen.

 Of course, it's natural. After all, she had witnessed unimaginable violence in modern-day Japan.

 "Can I sit next to you?"

 I nodded silently. She sat down right next to me and leaned in close.

 "Thank you so much for helping earlier... If Akito hadn't come, I don't know what would have happened to us."

 "Well, it's not like it matters."

 In reality, I am not trying to help everyone in the class out of pure goodwill. My priority is to break free from this loop. But that doesn't mean I think it's okay for everyone to become sacrifices.

 "I should have listened to Akito from the beginning. If I had done that, this wouldn't have happened..."

 Tears started to overflow from her eyes. She began wiping around her eyes with both fists.

 "It can't be helped. You were exhausted at that time, and Aoki-san was injured. I didn't know that hut was the bandits' hideout."

 "But, because I suggested staying there, Jun and Shimura got seriously injured, and Kashima and Mika..."

 "Everyone chose to go to the hut of their own free will. We can't blame anyone just by looking at the results."

 Then she clung to me. She pressed down on me as if covering me.

 "Hey, hey, Aoki-san..."

 "You're kind, Akito."

 She said that and suddenly kissed me.

 (Here, now?)

 When I widened my eyes, she released her lips and lifted her upper body.

 "I... I fell in love with you, Akito. Because since coming to this world, Akito has been so strong and reliable. Your judgments are quick and correct. You're cool."

 While still on top of me, she starts unbuttoning the front of her blouse. When she opens her blouse, her large breasts, which are well-liked by the class, pop out along with her bra.

 "Akito, protect me...and in return, I'll give you..."

 She says this and tries to push down on me again. However, I grab her shoulder and stop her from moving. Aoki Runa looks at me with surprised eyes.

 "That's not why I'm here right now. Even if you don't do that, I'll do my best to protect all of you."

 "Why don't you protect me first, instead of everyone else? I love Akito so much!"

 "But isn't Aoki-san dating Kiridani?"

 "No way... Jun and I are just friends. We're not dating!"

 "Even so, Kiridani has feelings for Aoki-san. You should know that."

 "It's fine! I don't care about that! I love Akito!"

 She must have thought that temptation wasn't enough. She reached around to her back and unhooked her bra herself. Her white, voluptuous bust appeared in front of me with volume. But I calmly said to her,

 "If Aoki-san and I were to do that here, can you guarantee that monsters won't attack?"

 She froze in place, startled.

 "There are monsters that are active even at night. Like the lizard monster in this rocky mountain, for example. While you're engrossed with me, if you're on top, you might get your upper body devoured by the lizard. There's nothing I can do if I'm below."

 Aoki Runa looked around with frightened eyes.

 "If we were still in an embrace, well, if it were a serpent monster, it would just swallow both of us whole. We would remain embraced inside the belly of the serpent, slowly dissolving..."

 The girl, filled with fear, stiffened as if hugging herself with both hands. In that moment, I crawled out from under her and helped her up.

 "You understand, right? This isn't the kind of sweet world where you can survive with just seduction. Even if I promise to protect you, when it's time to be killed, you'll be killed, and when it's time to be eaten, you'll be eaten."

 "Was there something unsatisfactory about my body?"

 "No, it's not that there's no appeal to Aoki-san. Aoki-san is plenty appealing. It's just that the threats in this world are greater right now."

 I stood up and fixed her loosened blouse.

 "Go on, it's better to go over there and sleep. We don't know what will happen tomorrow."

 As I said that, she buttoned up the front of her blouse and slowly walked away.


 I breathed a sigh of relief in my heart. I never thought Aoki Runa would tempt me so soon. She was supposed to tempt me to become her personal bodyguard much later.

 And... There have been several times when I succumbed to that temptation. What I just told her is actually something that happened in a previous loop. In addition, there was also a shameful ending where I was stabbed from behind by Kiridani Jun, driven by jealousy.

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