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Chapter 9 Dusk on the Old Battlefield (Part Four)

Chapter 9 Dusk On The Old Battlefield (Part Four)

 Midoritani Tsubasa held a long stick and prevented the approaching zombies.

 "Midoritani-san, get back!"

 I shouted and jumped in front of her. I thrust the spear into the decaying face of the zombie closest to us. The zombie stumbled and fell. I quickly cut off its arm and took its sword.


 Tsubasa Midoritani exclaimed in surprise. I swiftly returned and handed her the sword I had taken from the zombie.

 "A sword is easier to use than a stick. Take this and hurry to the church!"

 "What about you?"

 "I'll go there soon too."

 As I said this, I swept the spear to the side and cut through the neck of the next approaching zombie. The unbalanced zombie fell forward. Midoritani Tsubasa headed towards the church as instructed, while I kept the zombies at bay for a while by defeating them until they couldn't approach.

 Zombies move at different speeds depending on the degree of decay after their death. Zombies that have not decayed much can move quite quickly and even run to some extent.

 On the other hand, zombies that have decayed significantly move slowly. However, there are a large number of them. When a group of zombies, including those who were just corpses until then, approach, they start to rise as if they suddenly remembered something. The zombies that are currently attacking are relatively fast-moving.

 However, zombies that have already risen from the surrounding area are also approaching. If I take too long, I won't be able to return to the church and I will be surrounded.

 Now, the fastest-moving zombie approaches from the front. I thrust my spear forward. However, the zombie blocks the spear with its shield. The impact causes the spear to break.


 After all, it was just a goblin's spear. I quickly step back and grab the sword I had tucked into my belt. A rusty sword in my right hand, a spear with a broken tip in my left hand. I extend the broken spear in my left hand as a jab to deter the zombie. The zombie tries to block it with its shield.

 (I'm not done yet!)

 I forcefully twist the tip of my spear into the inside of my shield. Then I flick my shield up. The zombie, off balance, extends its arm with the sword to try and shake off the spear.

 I strike its arm with a rusty sword. The zombie's arm falls off. Without hesitation, I horizontally swipe its head with a returning sword and the zombie falls down.

 Looking closely, the sword and shield this guy had seem quite new. I pick up the sword and shield. I also take the scabbard while I'm at it. The horde of zombies is already closing in. In close combat, the sword will be more useful.

 While swinging the sword, I run towards the church. But in front of the door, about six zombies have gathered. They are trying to push the door and get inside.

 "Get out of the way, you zombies!"

 I attack the zombies from behind. In no time, I take care of the zombies that were only looking ahead and I bang on the closed door.

 "It's me. I took care of the zombies in front of the door. Open this up!"

 But the door wouldn't open easily. Instead, I could hear voices arguing. It seems like they're having a disagreement about whether to open it or not.

 (As I thought, it turned out like this)

 I gave up on the door and went around to the side of the church. There were a few zombies along the way, but I cut them all down.

 When I got to the side, the rope I had hung from the window earlier was swaying in the wind. I sheathed my sword and put it on my back, then grabbed the rope and began climbing the church wall. The wall is made of stone, so it's easy to climb. Besides, I know that zombies can't climb ropes.

 I quickly reached the window on the second floor. When I entered, there was no one on the second floor. It seems like everyone went downstairs. I pulled the rope towards me, detached it from the pillar, and put it back in my backpack.

 As I tried to go down to the first floor from the narrow staircase, the classmates in front of the door were arguing.

 "Akito-kun is still outside!"

 Morimura desperately shouted. The usually quiet him turned red with anger showing on his face.

 "But what if zombies come pouring in when we open the door?"

 This was said by the sunny (extrovert) group, Kiridani Jun.

 "Akito-kun went outside to save everyone! Akito-kun was the first one to find everyone! Is it okay to abandon him like that?"

 Morimura appealed strongly to everyone. However, Aoki Runa, a member of the sunny group, opposed Morimura's opinion.

 "It's meaningless to say that. If we die because of that, it's pointless!"

 This time, Midoritani Tsubasa countered that.

 "Akito-kun helped me. We can't just leave him to die like this!"

 "That's just Tsubasa's opinion! It's none of our concern!"

 "No, everyone might have been saved because of him!"

 Aoki Runa and Midoritani Tsubasa glared at each other head-on. Seeing the two of them, Shimura had a look on his face as if he had swallowed a bitter bug.

 "So, are you saying you'll just abandon Akito-kun like this? I can't accept that!"

 As Midoritani Tsubasa made this claim, Morimura once again put his hand on the door latch.

 "Anyway, I'm going to open it here!"

 At that moment, not only Aoki Runa but also Nomura Mika leaped at the door to stop him.

 "Stop! Don't open it! I don't want to die yet! I don't want to die in a place like this!"

 And Kiridani Jun also held Morimura's hand.

 "Morimura, are you intending to kill everyone?"

 Morimura, upon hearing this, had a look of despair.

 "Akito-kun... went out alone... for everyone's sake..."

 Finally, the student council president, Shuichi Kondo, speaks with a grim expression and delivers his words.

 "I appreciate it... but even so, endangering everyone just for his sake... there are girls here too."

 It seems like a conclusion has been reached. Well, that's a relief.

 "There's no need to open the door. I'm here."

 Everyone looks up at the stairs.



 Everyone looks at me with unbelieving eyes. Some widen their eyes and mouths, just staring up.

 "Akito-kun... why?"

 Morimura asks me with that question.

 "I climbed the wall."

 "You climbed the wall?"

 Kiridani Jun, the sunny guy, repeats my words.

 "Yeah. This is a stone wall, right? If I want to climb it, there's no reason I can't."

 I keep the rope a secret. Because I don't know when I'll need it again. Unfortunately, I can't trust everyone. And besides, I should add that it would be possible to climb this kind of stone wall even without a rope.

 "By the way..."

 After descending the stairs, I turned my gaze to the two people in the corner of the room. There, Kashima Shougou, the captain of the Kendo club, and Muto from the Judo club were present.

 "What happened to Muto?"

 When I asked, the people in front of the door seemed to finally notice. Muto was crouching. Next to him, Kashima Shougou had a pained expression on his face.

 I approached Muto and silently rolled up his shirt sleeve. There, a clearly bitten and torn wound remained.

 "Was he bitten by a zombie?"

 Kashima Shougou answered my question.

 "A group of zombies suddenly attacked us while we were sleeping. Muto was bitten when he held down a zombie."

 I peered into Muto's face. His face had already turned pale.

 "How long ago was he bitten?"

 "It was about 30 minutes ago."

 I stood up and said loudly so that everyone could hear.

 "If that's the case, we only have 30 minutes left until Muto becomes a zombie."

 "What do you mean?"

 "When a person is bitten by a normal zombie, they also become a zombie within 30 minutes to an hour."

 Someone among the girls screamed from behind.

 "Is that true?"

 Kashima confirmed with a serious expression on his face.

 "It's true."

 "If that's the case, what about Muto?"

 "We have no choice but to cut off his head or crush his brain."

 "Isn't there any way to save him?"

 Kondo Shuichi, who was in front of the door, said that while approached me. In response to him, I returned his words from earlier.

 "We can't put everyone in danger for the sake of one person, can we?"

 Kondo Shuichi made a bitter face. I also regretted saying it a little after I said it. I was definitely angry at the conclusion of "abandoning me" earlier. However, making sarcastic remarks here won't solve anything.

 "I'm sorry. I said too much just now."

 After saying that, I turn back to Muto.

 "But it's inevitable that Muto will become a zombie. If that happens..."

 "...I understand."

 Kondo Shuichi replied bitterly. Muto is breathing heavily, looking quite distressed. His body is turning purple in various places, and dark veins are protruding.

 (There's not much time left.)

 Thinking that, I said to the girls.

 "Girls, please go upstairs."

 However, the girls remained silent, alternately looking at me and Muto.

 "Muto wouldn't want the girls to see him become a zombie and have his head severed, right?"

 Upon hearing that, the girls exchanged glances. Eventually, Midoritani Tsubasa said, "Everyone, let's go upstairs," and the girls started climbing the stairs slowly. Only the eight of us boys remained on the first floor.

 "Please stay away from Kashima, Muto."

 Kashima hesitates and looks at Muto. But Muto just lowers his head and growls. After a while, Kashima moves away from Muto.

 Outside, the moaning of zombies can still be heard. And they are banging on the door, trying to get in. Every time the voice of a zombie is heard, Muto writhes in pain. Within him, the rationality of a human and the instincts of a zombie are struggling.

 I quietly speak to Muto.

 "Muto, you've endured so much to protect everyone from the zombies. I think it's amazing."

 Muto lifts his head. His eyes are bloodshot. His complexion becomes even more pale, with blue veins popping out here and there.

 "But you don't have to endure anymore. You can find relief."

 Muto lowers his head. It feels like a long time has passed, but it may have been just a minute. When Muto lifts his head again...

 He bares his teeth and lunges at me.

 But I calmly draw the sword from my back and strike in a flash.

 ...A heavy, damp sound reverberated, like a watermelon falling onto a bed.

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