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Volume 11 Chapter 14 Melee

Volume 11 Chapter 14 Melee

 "Hmph, a few scratches won't lead to complete destruction. I will slowly and surely attack, tormenting and killing all of you."

 The Light Dragon King growled.

 ...Hmm, I see. So, it seems 'additional' is not possible after all.

 My enhancement allows me to use multiple strengthened weapons for attack.

 The same goes for defense.

 It feels like the number of items increases both attack and defense power.

 However, the Light Dragon King is different.

 His 'enhancement' only works on himself.

 That's why his defense power won't increase any further.

 If there was a way to further strengthen his defense, it should have been done when he got injured in the previous attack.

 Not doing so means that the Light Dragon King's defense is at its maximum in the current state, and there is no way to increase it further.

 In other words――

 "If I can launch an attack that surpasses that, I can defeat him."

 If the opponent's limit of power is visible, then the strategy is not impossible!

 "Our attack power surpasses their defense power. If we concentrate and hit them, we can eventually break through his defense."

 I looked around at everyone and said.

 Currently, Lily is injured and unable to move.

 Margaret tries to approach her to heal her, but she is being restrained by the 7 Dragon Knights and can't get close easily.

 The remaining members are the attacking members.

 "It's a total attack!"

 Me, Martina, and Victor-san―― each of our legendary swords sends out a wave of slashes towards the Light Dragon King.

 "Bring it on!"

 While the 7 Dragon Knights are restraining Margaret and interfering, she counteracts by releasing a restraining magic.

 "Take this!"

 Margaret uses a magic spell to stop them in their tracks.

 Alright, let's steadily gain the advantage like this.

 "You're pretty tough."

 "But, remember, we're here too!"

 Deeta and Cyril joined them, and we were quickly pushed into a difficult situation.


 The enemy's formation with three 'Relic' users was indeed too powerful.

 "Are the opponents stronger...! Will they overwhelm us like this!?"

 No, not yet.

 I must think.

 "I'll use my enchantment magic to find a way to turn the situation around――"

 I grit my teeth tightly.

 I won't give up until the end.

 I won't just stand by and let it happen.

 Suddenly, the surroundings were filled with a green glow.

 "What is this――!?"

 I looked around in surprise.

 "What's this light――?"

 Victor-san looked astonished.

 The 'Roselia Sword' in his hand emitted a dazzling glow.

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