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Chapter 124 Busy Day Part Three - 'Siblings'

Chapter 124 Busy Day Part Three - 'Siblings'

 "Hey, Rosalier-san."

 "Yes, what is it?"

 Rosalier-san is serving tea to me and Her Majesty Mylavirna. It smells nice. Did she bring the tea that we were drinking at Watterhill's?

 "I'll be going over there from the evening and coming back soon."


 "Rosalier-san, can you stay here and keep Myla-san company?"

 "...Are you saying that I am no longer needed by Goshujin-sama?"

 Huh? Huh? Wait a minute, Mylavirna-san is looking at me suspiciously. No, no, it's not like that.

 "Um, no, wait. It's not like that. Um, you know, this morning, Centrena was in my room, right?"

 "Yes, indeed..."

 "She was trying to sleep outside the room, so I let her in. And when I asked her, she said she doesn't feel the cold much."

 "Oh, is that so?"

 "So, I'm thinking of having Centrena go up to the highest limit she can fly."

 "What does that mean?"

 "Well, you might not understand, but you see, the higher you go in the sky, the thinner the air becomes and the temperature drops."


 Her Majesty Mylavirna noticed it first.

 "Could it be, Rosa-san? Aren't you going to freeze because it's so cold?"

 She explained it to Rosalier-san. Thank you.

 "I see. So, if I'm around, ...no, even Goshujin-sama might temporarily lose his life. Is that what it means?"

 "Excellent answer. You see, I'll be fine even if you leave me alone. Anyway, I want to test how quickly Centrena can get there."

 "...I understand."

 Phew, she finally understood.

 "Oh, by the way, about Maya-chan."


 "I'd appreciate it if you could keep an eye on her so she doesn't go to dangerous places. She's going to have to investigate a lot of things."

 "Understood. Shall we accompany them together?"

 "Yes, Rosa-san. I've been wanting to go outside for a long time too."

 "Huh? Can royalty go outside?"

 I saw Genoruira-san, and she was shaking her head from side to side. Her expression was like, "No way!"

 "But it's not in the town, right? It's in the courtyard of the castle, where there's a flowing river. You can take a walk there like usual."

 "Oh, from the perspective of the castle town, it would be the backside."

 "I haven't been there either, so I'm excited."

 Genoruira-san is nodding. Oh, I see. In that case, she might be able to get some samples too, which could be nice. And since Maya-chan is also treated as royalty.

 "Well then, I'm off."

 "Yes, take care."

 "Take care."

 "Genoruira-san, please take care of Tatsuma-sama, okay?"

 "Genoruira, I asked you to be polite, right?"

 "Y-yes, understood."

 Oh boy, I'm really nervous. It takes about 2 minutes to restart and I'm feeling so tense.

 The time on the "Display Self-Status Mystery System" has passed 9 o'clock. I'm getting on a carriage and planning to go to the guild. I take out my smartphone from my pocket, and...

 "'Good morning. Please gather water and soil in the courtyard of the royal castle. It seems that Her Majesty the Queen and Rosalier-san will join you' - Sent"


 'Really? That sounds exciting! Is brother (onii-san) starting his treatment?'

 "'Please stop calling me 'brother' because it gives me the creeps. I'm going to the guild now, then the shrine, and I have various preparations to do in the afternoon. In the evening, I plan to go to Watterhill's without having dinner,' - Sent."


 'Alright. Be careful.'

 "'Thanks,' - Sent."

 The battery level is 73%. If I put it in the inventory and immediately take it out, it becomes 100%. I put it back in my pocket just like that. Wow, this is convenient. Maya-chan, you really noticed that, didn't you?

 The carriage had started moving without me noticing. I can already see the red brick-like mosaic pattern. The back door opens and I enter while still in the carriage. I open the carriage door and get off before Genoruira-san.

 "I'll be back early, so can you wait somewhere warm?"

 "Yes, Tatsuma-sama. Take care."

 I walk through the straight corridor to the hall and when I open the last door, I see the back of a big Tigerman (Kojinzoku) man.

 "Oh, Jam-san."

 He's trying to hide. But, he can't hide at all.

 "Yes, oh, Big Sister (Onee-sama) isn't here, right?"

 "I thought so, that's why I asked her to wait somewhere."

 "...Thank you. It's not that I'm scared, but it's a reflex from when I was little."

 "I see. You got scolded, didn't you?"

 "Yes, that's right. Oh, everyone, let's keep this conversation a secret."

 Everyone from the receptionist to the male staff members were smiling bitterly.

 "Hey, how did that thing I asked for go?"

 "Yep. About 150 people have severe symptoms."

 It's a little past 9:00 now. Hmm, can I do it earlier?

 "What about those who can't move?"

 "Yes. About 10 people."

 "I was supposed to talk to Gefi-san at the shrine in the afternoon, but should I do it earlier? It's a bit early, but can you move them to the shrine?"

 "Yes. I'll arrange it right away."

 "Yeah. Please. I'll treat all the severely ill people today."


 It's surprisingly effective here, you know. Who relayed this?

 "Yeah. Seriously, I think I can do it since I've treated 250 people in a day before."


 "Two receptionists left earlier. But I decided not to push them beyond that."

 "Take care of Gefi-neesan..."


 After saying goodbye to Jam-san in the hall, I went back down the corridor to report to Genoruira-san.

 "Sorry. Can we head to the shrine right away?"


 I opened the carriage door myself and quickly got inside and took a seat.

 "We're off now."

 "Yeah. Please."

 Even though I was in a hurry, I made sure not to have any accidents. Since it was the royal carriage, we were able to move ahead of others. The shrine came into view in no time. We went around to the back just like we did with the guild and said hello with the carriage.

 "Sorry, I need to talk to Gefi-san right away."


 Genoruira-san walked quickly, and I followed after her with a jog. Even though I should be taller, her legs are so long...

 "We're going in."

 We entered. She was like a pushy time only a big sister could do.

 "Wait a minute--"

 She didn't care and just kept going. She was unstoppable in a way. Oh, anyway, Gefi-san was drinking tea. Gefi-san and her really are like siblings. They have a lot in common, just like Jam-san.

 "--Ahem. I should not have let my guard down since this was about the afternoon... I'm sorry."

 "That was bad."

 This is the style of apologizing with a proud heart. I feel like I've seen this somewhere before...

 "Anyway, Gefi-san."

 "Yes, Tatsuma-sama."

 "I stopped by the guild earlier, and according to Jam-san, 'There are 150 seriously ill people, including 10 who can't move.' So, he's going to bring them here one by one for treatment."

 "I see. I was one of the less serious cases. I understand now..."

 "Yes, yes. You can feel down later. Um, where should I go for treatment?"

 "This way."

 Gefi-san led the way. We left the main shrine room and turned left toward the main deity's area. I see, this is it. It feels like the guild's treatment room but four to five times larger. There are six beds, and it's a very typical-looking room.

 "Here is the recovery room."

 "Is this place okay?"

 "Yes, I will also help you."

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