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Chapter 126 Busy Day Part Five - 'Accumulated'

Chapter 126 Busy Day Part Five - 'Accumulated'

 So if you tap on the 'Pulse (Pulsating Assistive Spell)' icon in the 'Display Self-Status Mystery System' spell list, I'll see the 'Resurrect (Resurrection Spell)' hanging around. It seems like the item point is appearing and disappearing, could it be that it's actually activated?

 I haven't used the 'Dispel (Unbinding)' to cancel it for days now, but it doesn't seem to bother me, and I think it's necessary for what I'm about to do, so I guess it's fine to leave it like this.

 "Oh, by the way..."


 "Does Centrena also use mana?"


 Centrena responds with something like "Yes, I do." We've had this kind of conversation so many times that I can kind of understand the nuances in the way she says it.

 "Seriously, then isn't this necessary? 'Mana Recover'. Alright, how about it?"

 'Kuu? Kuu? Kuu?'

 It seems like something surprised her. I wonder what's wrong.


 Just when I thought she flapped her wings widely, I felt an even greater sense of floating as if being pushed from behind.

 "Huh? Could it be that you used mana to fly?"


 "So that's what it was. Is it body enhancement, or maybe a wind-based attribute magic? Anyway, the fact is that it's easier to fly, right?"


 Oh, in no time, the royal castle looks as small as the palm of my hand from this height. No, it's so cold. There's no thermometer on the 'Display Self-Status Mystery System' screen. Oh, no. I need to put the smartphone back in the inventory. Rapid temperature changes are scary, you know.

 "Then, Centrena,"


 "Could you try going up to the highest possible height?"


 Wow, can she still go up? I see heavy, gloomy clouds but we're overtaking them. It's not even 5 o'clock yet, but the sky is still so bright.

 But man, it's getting colder as we go higher. Huh? My life gauge, isn't it decreasing?

 "Ah, oh no, it's decreasing rapidly. Why? Oh, maybe... oh, it's the cold? Hey, Centrena-san"


 It feels good to keep rising. I can't see the royal castle anymore. Oh no, my gauge is halfway down. What's going on? It's not just cold, it's painful. Oh, is that it...?

 "Hey, Cent, Rena, stop. Let's get down, it's so cold, I'm freezing..."

 She noticed. She's hurrying to get down, but... oh, I might have fallen――

 It should have been just 10 seconds. Even so, the life gauge is about 10%. Even if it reaches 0 from accumulated damage and dies, it will return to about 10% at the moment of resurrection?

 "'Full Recover', Wow, could it be frostbite? If so, it would be the first time..."


 "Sorry, it was more than I expected. Don't worry, it's my fault."


 At this altitude, is it more of a tingling cold or pain?

 "Can you remember this height?"


 "Centrena, didn't you feel the cold or pain?"


 "You were okay. You're strong."


 I think, every tens of meters (yards)? No, was it every hundred tens of meters (yards) that the temperature dropped by one degree? If the outside temperature was 10 degrees (50F) in winter, did it suddenly drop below freezing? I've heard that jet planes cruising can reach minus 40 degrees (-40F).

 Even people working in freezers couldn't manage with just this light outerwear, right? If it goes that far, it's definitely dangerous.

 "If we speed up from here, can we fly faster than before?"


 "Oh, I see. Can you keep doing this? Let me know if you get tired."


 "If I look like I'm in trouble, I'll tap you neck like this."

 I lightly tapped the right side of Centrena' neck.


 "Well then, please take me to Watterhill."


 Centrena folded her wings and began a steep descent, as if she were falling.

 "Whoaaa, this is awesome!"


 After gaining some speed, she opened her wings and glided. In the distance, she could see mountains, and it seemed faster than when she came to Ensgard earlier.

 While gliding, Centrena occasionally moved her wings, accelerating even more.


 "What about Mana?"


 "Okay, 'Mana Recover.' And also, 'Recover (Healing Spell).' How about that?"


* * *

 "That's amazing!"

 'Kuu, Kuuu'

 The time on the 'Display Self-Status Mysterious System' was around 6:30. Around the time Centrena ran out of mana twice, it was time for a dinner break. The bento box given by Danna Vinna-san had two tiers. The bottom tier was for Centrena, and the top tier was half mine.

 Both hands together are still not enough, a ridiculously large steak. It's not very flavorful, but it's made with lean meat that I also have in my lunchbox. Centrena's is not very flavorful. Mine has that "shrimp mayo flavor" sauce on it.

 Centrena is waiting with her mouth wide open, so I cut it in half and feed her. The thickness is really impressive. It's about 3cm (1.18inch) thick, and there were 5 slices of it, so it's really heavy.

 Does she eat this every time? I remember her saying that she sometimes eats fish too. I realized that the bread I give her is actually a snack.


 She looks satisfied and takes a break by lying down. When she's sitting, she really looks like a chicken. A dragon that looks just like a chicken but is over 2m (6.5ft) tall. How fantastical is that?

 After about 30 minutes of a meal break, we start moving again. This time, I tried giving Centrena some Mana tea.

 "Are you okay? Does your stomach hurt?"


 It's a slightly sweet and refreshing tea. The only downside is that it's a bit expensive, but we bought it with the guild's budget, so we can drink as much as we want.

 "How about it? Do you feel your mana coming back?"


 "'Mana Recover.' How about this?"

 'Kuuu! Kuuu, Kuuu'

 Centrena seems surprised by how the mana is returning. She immediately asks me to get on her back. I get on the saddle and hold the reins. I thought we would start running right away, but instead, she took off from where we were and started ascending.

 And guess what? She effortlessly caught a rising air current, and before I knew it, we reached an altitude where 'cold' turned into 'painful.' It seems like we were able to reach that height in about half the time compared to earlier.


 "Alright. To make sure you don't fall off, lean your body close to my neck, okay?"


 From there, she quickly descended with her wings tucked in, and then gradually extended them as she transitioned into a horizontal glide.

 "Wow, so fast!"


 Along the way, I periodically applied "Recover" and made sure to maintain enough "Mana" so that it wouldn't run out.

 Then, to my surprise, according to the mysterious "Display Self-Status" system, it was still before 10 o'clock. I started to see familiar lights ahead.

 She decreased her speed while lightly circling in the sky, and then descended into the garden of the mansion without causing any disturbance. Ah, I see. In one corner of the mansion's garden, it looked like they were constructing some kind of foundation. They must be building Centrena's stable for me.

 As I was thinking that, by chance, or was it a coincidence? Corbett-san and Brigitte-san came out from the front entrance of the mansion.

 "Are you alright, Oyakata-sama?"

 Corbett-san and Brigitte-san hurriedly ran over to me. I got off Centrena's back saddle and asked Brigitte-san for a favor.

 "Brigitte-san, it's okay to bring Centrena into the living room. Oh, if you could lay this down, that would be great."

 I handed a bunch of cloth from my inventory that I used yesterday.

 "Yes, I'll take care of it. Centrena-san, shall we go?"


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