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Chapter 127 Busy Day Part Six - 'The xx of W'

Chapter 127 Busy Day Part Six - 'The Xx Of W'

 Me and Centrena arrived at Watterhill's at the same time and landed at my mansion. I left Centrena with Brigitte-san and walked over to Corbett-san.

 "Corbett-san, let's head to the dining hall."


 Corbett-san and I hurried to the dining hall.

 "About that Magic Tool, do you have any blueprints or something?"

 "Yes, right here."

 Does he always carry it around? He's taking it out from around his waist. Oh, could it be a type of Magic Tool that Rosalier-san had?

 "Is that the Magic Tool that Rosalier-san had, the one that can hold a lot of stuff?"

 "No, it's something simpler. That one is incredibly expensive."

 "Simpler, you say?"

 "Yes, it's something that the two of us could carry."

 "I see, that's still quite something. ...Anyway,"


 "This part here, the basic detoxification part, here and in Ensgard, the concentration of Oso (Dreadful element) in the water is too different."

 "Yes. In that case, here we should――"

 We decided to add something like a timer that can adjust operating hours to accommodate any level of intensity, by exchanging opinions.

 Corbett-san said that improving the existing Magic Tool can control the operating hours. Wow, the reverse engineering in this world is amazing.

 "How long do you think it will take for just one?"

 "Hmm, maybe about an hour and a half (in demon realm equivalent 3 hours)."

 The current time displayed on the 'Display Self-Status' screen is just before 11 PM Wait, does that mean it's 2 AM in the middle of the night in three hours from now?

 "Do you need to sleep?"

 "I'll sleep once the operation is confirmed after completion."

 He said it with such a pleasant smile, I couldn't tell him to stop.

 "Alright, I'll go shopping in the commercial area, take samples at the riverbank, and then go to Swiglefen once, so I'll stop by when I get back."

 "Yes. Once it's completed, I'll take a nap, so don't worry."

 "Don't push yourself, okay?"

 "I understand."

 Corbett-san and I parted ways at the dining hall to check on Centrena. It seems like Brigitte-san gave him a light meal. He quickly finished about five lightly grilled meat patties.

 "Corbett-san, it looks like he'll be digging deep soon, so keep an eye out on him, okay?"

 "It's fine. It's nothing new to me."

 "Alright then, after I finish my business, we'll head to Swiglefen. I'll swing by here once before returning to Ensgard."

 "Sure, I'll be waiting."

 "Centrena, let's go."


 I lead Centrena outside the mansion. If we walk through the town together from our mansion, it wouldn't be a big deal. Plus, it's almost midnight, and there aren't many people on the streets, so there's no need to worry.

 On the way, we stopped by the Black Forest Human tribe's lodging to pick up twenty of the Magic Tools made by the craftsmen. Then, we quickly left the town and crossed the bridge in the back.

 "Wait a sec, okay?"


 I took out a bottle and a shovel from the inventory and dug some soil from a spot quite far from the river. I only put the relatively dry, crumbly surface part into the bottle and then labeled it with the label Maya-chan prepared.

 "Um, the soil of [W], I guess."

 Yeah, I was collecting samples of Watterhill's soil. Then, I approached the river, took out two bottles, submerged one to scoop up water, and transferred the water to the other bottle before labeling it.

 "The water of [W], I guess."

 If I don't do it this way, the label will come off while it's still wet. In my world, they don't use industrially made glue or bond, but something called starch paste is used to stick paper together here.

 Since it's stored in the inventory in a semi-dry state, it'll dry once it's labeled. Well, it probably won't dry in the inventory. But that's a different story.

 "Okay, that's enough water and soil, maybe? I'll buy the meat and vegetables when I come back from Swiglefen. The stores probably aren't open anyway."


 "Okay, should we go to Swiglefen now?"


 The time on the 'Display Self-Status Mystery System' has already passed midnight. Even if we go there now, the guild and everything won't be open.



 'Good morning. It's the middle of the night. Where are you right now?"

 "Oh, it's Maya-chan. Let's make a call."

 'Ring-ring, ring-ring, ring-ring'

 'Yes, yes, brother."

 "Come on, stop it, it gives me the creeps."

 'Haha, how does it feel?'

 "Yeah. We're about to head to Watterhill's. Did they get in touch over there?"

 'It's okay. Through Mahiru-chan, I asked the manager's uncle to stay awake."

 "Haha. Seteas-san, so cute."

 'It can't be helped, right? It's work, after all."

 "Well, yeah. How's everyone doing?"

 'Her Majesty Myla is resting. Rosalier-san is in Her Majesty's room. I think she's probably asleep."

 "Yeah. It's nice of them to do that."

 'Oh, hello Centrena-chan.'


 'Maya-sama, it's about time to go to bed.'


 'Oh, sorry sorry. I'll go to bed now so Mii-cchan won't get mad at me."

 "Yeah. Goodnight."

 'Don't overdo it. Goodnight."


 Mana tea and the spell 'Mana Recover' made Centrena amazing, so she never runs out of mana. Guess what? It's a new record. She made it from Watterhill to Swiglefen in under 3 hours. And right now, it's already half past 2.

 Centrena runs lightly and swiftly through the less crowded town of Swiglefen. Even though there were so many people during the day, it's as quiet as a movie set. Well, it's probably because it's winter, and there aren't many people drinking outside... Oh, wait, there are a few.

 At a shop that looks like a taverne, some old guys who are drinking wave at me. Aren't they cold with the door open like that? And you know what? They don't seem surprised at all when they see Centrena. It's probably because Privia-san, the Tigerman (Kojinzoku), is well-known around here.

 And here we are, the inn district. Even at this time, I can see lights around here. There must be guests walking around and enjoying drinks despite the cold, just like me.

 "Hey Centrena, over there."


 Where I was pointing was the familiar 'Seteas Inn'. Perhaps because it's cold, the front entrance door is closed. There's a frosted glass-like material inserted, so you can see inside properly though.

 I quietly peeked inside from behind Centrena, and oh my, there's Seteas-san sitting there with a bored look, resting his chin on his hand. I lightly knocked on the door. Then he glared at me with resentful eyes. He comes out from behind the reception counter and opens the door for me.

 "The door is already open, so why don't you come in?"

 "Oh, I feel bad for disturbing you until this late."

 "Yeah, that's right. It's when I finished work and left the guild. They said to wait without sleeping because Soutome-sama's coming. It's a message of despair. Please have mercy."


 "I can't complain because it's from my aunt, the Queen. Well, my salary has doubled, so Milenoa is happy too. The inn guests are the same as always, but the restaurant guests have doubled. I'm grateful to Rosalier-san."

 "That's amazing!"

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