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Chapter 125 Busy Day Part Four - 'Seeing Them Off'

Chapter 125 Busy Day Part Four - 'Seeing Them Off'

 In this world, there shouldn't be any concept of an ambulance. Still, they use something closer to a stretcher than a door board to carry people with serious symptoms, with two people carrying them from the front and back.

 It's true that they can't be carried by holding them on both sides because they can't move at all. When I try to ask about their condition, they say "I'm fine" and "It doesn't hurt", but the wrinkles on their forehead give away that they're clearly in a lot of pain.

 Seriously, they need to stop already, really...

 The first man, when asked about his age, says he's 214 years old. Seriously? He's the first person I've met who's over 200 years old.

 This person has discoloration all the way to his wrists. It seems like it's been accumulating gradually over a long time. How much can the people here endure, seriously...

 If I just wanted to relieve the pain, "Middle Recover (Intermediate Healing Spell)" would be enough, but since I have plenty of mana, I cast "Full Recover" to make him feel at ease. When he realizes the pain is gone, a look of relief appears. I really dislike people who are so stubborn like this.

 As usual, I cast 'Dis Recover (Cure Disease)' and then I cast 'Full Recover' again. When he arrived, he was carried in on a stretcher, but when he left, he could walk out on his own.

 Ha, take that! I healed you. You should feel a little ashamed for enduring it.

 After that, there were 9 more people. They had almost the same symptoms. Even the oldest person wasn't over 400 years old. But for those older than that, I don't want to think about it.

 Continuing from there, I continued treatment ahead of schedule. I and the others crossed over 150 people, it was around after 4 PM on the 'Display Self-Status Mystery System'. Of course, Gefiliona-san and the others who were helping me went down for the first time.

 They looked calm when I cast 'Recover (Healing Spell)'. That's when Gefi-san asked me about it. She couldn't understand why the effects of the same 'Recover' were so different. I told her I would explain it later. I don't know if she'll be satisfied with just my guess, but we'll see.

 We finished treating 150 people earlier than planned. Three of us, me, Gefiliona-san, and Genoruira-san, are taking a break in the shrine manager's room.

 "Hey, Gefiliona-san."

 "What is it?"

 "I will probably come back tomorrow night, depending on the progress of the plans and work."

 "Okay, we'll be waiting for your return."



 "I wonder where Mother is?"

 "Today's schedule... She is probably in the courtyard with Her Majesty."

 "Oh, I see. It's a waste not to drop by. Alright, let me make a call to Maya-chan."

 'Ring-ring, ring-ring, ring-ring'

 'Hello, hello, it's Maya-chan. What's up, brother? By the way, Rosalier-san and Queen Myla are both with me, like a bouquet.'

 "What are they up to? How about the collection? "

 'I'm just putting it in the bottle and labeling it, so it's progressing decently.'

 "That's good then. Is Mother there?"

 'Yes, yes. Privia-san, it's brother.'

 Maya-chan adjusts the angle of her smartphone's camera. Then, Privia (Mother) appears on the screen. "Hey, hey, Maya-chan, you're too close. Your face is sticking out."

 'Tatsuma-kun, how was the treatment at the shrine? Good job, you must be tired.'

 Wow, that's a close-up. She's got a powerful, gentle expression and a big smile. Truly my foster mother.

 "Thank you. I finished early, so I'm thinking of heading out as is."

 'Is that so? You're not going to have dinner? Are you sure you'll be okay?'

 "Yes. I'll eat with Centrena on the way, so I'll be fine."

 'Don't forget to keep in touch, okay?'

 "Yes. I'll contact you through Maya-chan."

 'Okay, be careful on your way.'

 "Yes, Mother."

 'Tatsuma-sama, have a safe trip.'

 'Tatsuma-sama, we'll be waiting for your return.'

 Rosalier-san, Mylavirna-san said. Finally, the camera returns to Maya-chan and Diemirena-san.

 'Brother, have a safe trip.'

 'Young master, please have a safe trip.'

 "Yeah, I'm off."

 We arrived at Mother's mansion and stepped down from the carriage into the courtyard. Mom (Danna) and Centrena greeted us.

 "Welcome back. Take care on your journey."

 "Thank you, Geno-san. I'll ask for your help again when I return."

 "No, thank you for everything."

 The carriage headed back towards the direction of the royal castle. Centrena squatted there, waiting for me to board. I headed to greet Danna Vinna-san.


 She hugged me gently. I also like Privia-san's hearty hugs, but I love Mom's hugs too.

 "Tatsuma-chan, be careful, okay?"


 I received a big package from Mom. It smells good, so it's probably a bento.

 "Centrena-chan's is also included. Please eat it on the way."

 "Yes, Itadakimasu"


 "Centrena-chan, Tatsuma-chan please."


 Centrena bites Mom's right hand. The other day, she seems to finally understand what I mean by this, and she does what she does. This way, she won't get hurt.



 Centrena seemed satisfied and urged me to mount it. Once I straddled her, she slowly stood up.

 "I'll go then."


 "Take care."

 Centrena walks to the center of the courtyard, spreads her wings, and leisurely flaps them. As a sense of floating arises, she slowly ascends. Mom waves her hand as if to watch over us forever. I decide to wave back.

 "Hey, Centrena."


 "I'm glad that Mom finally understood."


 Wow, it's cold. Well, they did say it was going to snow. I take out a thicker coat from my inventory and put it on.



 "Aren't you feeling cold at all?"


 I heard that reptiles like lizards are sensitive to the cold. Some even hibernate during winter. But dragon species must be different.

 After all, this is a world of magic, so maybe Centrena's body can sustain itself with mana as energy. It's like wearing a fluffy feathered coat.

 Privia-san's mansion is getting smaller. The royal castle is visible nearby.

 "Centrena, fly over there for a moment."


 As we fly over the royal castle, I can see the courtyard. It looks like the courtyard in our mansion, just as Mylavirna-san described, with a river flowing through it. That must be a waterway drawing water from the lake to a reservoir.

 As we follow the waterway, I can see a very deep forest up ahead. There's probably a lake over there. But the trees are so tall and thick that I can't see it from here. Well, I'll go check it out when I come back.

 "Do you know which way Waterhill is?"


 Centrena slowly rotates. Looking at the mana gauge of the "Display Self-Status" mystery system, it seems to be decreasing and increasing slightly. It's still activating "Resurrect (Resurrection Spell)" in turns with "Pulse (Pulsating Assistive Spell). It's more like a curse than a spell, really.

 "Hey, I want to try something today, is that okay?"


 "Thanks. Alright, should I give it a try then?"


 "I haven't asked for anything yet, though"


 Hey, what's with that "judging others" attitude? Who do you think you're copying?

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