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Chapter 128 Busy Day Part Seven - 'That's right'

Chapter 128 Busy Day Part Seven - 'That'S Right'


 Centrena leaned closer to my shoulder.

 We arrived at the inn in Swiglefen's town, under Seteas-san's guidance. Oh, by the way, she came directly over here.

 "Oh, right. I need to go to the stables."

 But then, Seteas-san handed me a key in front of me.

 "Our stairs are not broken, so you can go straight to your room."

 That's what he said.



 "Did you forget? The size of the door to your room?"

 "Oh, yeah. It's big, but..."

 "Yes. It's designed to accommodate larger beings from other species."

 "Oh, I see. Well, I'll only be staying for one night, but thank you for your hospitality."

 "Please, please. Finally, I can get some sleep..."

 The entrance door opens like a folding screen. Centrena enters with a questioning look. After she entered, Seteas-san closed the door and went back to the room behind the counter.

 "Good night. Yawn. Oh, excuse me."

 "You don't really think I'm sorry, do you?"

 "Oh, definitely."

 "Hahaha. Well then, good night."

 "Yes. Sleep well."

 Passing by the counter. The floor is definitely wooden, but it seems to be made of a very sturdy material. The stairs too. They're wider than I thought. They don't even creak when Centrena steps on them.

 On the usual room, I unlock the door and open it. I enter first, and with a slight bow, Centrena easily walks through the door. I close the door and lock it. It must be some kind of magic tool, because the room feels warm even though there's no sign of fire.


 Centrena is standing by the window.

 "Do you like it here?"


 I take out about ten pieces of cloth from my inventory and lay them on the floor. Then Centrena lies down on top of the cloth.


 Centrena was about to fall asleep just like that. Even though she wasn't physically tired, it had been a busy day, so she felt mentally exhausted. I feel the same way too.

 "Well then, goodnight."


 As I lay down on the bed, I can hear Centrena's regular breathing. It's strangely calming.

* * *

 In the morning, I wake up and gently stroke Centrena's back as she continues to sleep. Then I take a bath and feel like I'm here and now.

 I go shopping at a place where people sell meat, including early morning deliveries. I buy enough meat for Centrena's breakfast and lunch, probably some loin or shoulder meat. Of course, I also buy samples of meat, fish, root vegetables, and leafy greens to put in the inventory.

 When I return to Seteas Inn, I ask Milenoa-san, who is in the kitchen, to prepare Centrena's breakfast. As I go back to the room, it seems like Centrena has woken up.


 "Good morning, sleepyhead."


 I wonder if she's still a bit sleepy. She nuzzles her face against me, rests her chin on my head. I sometimes think, "Does she know what she's doing?" But I let her do as he pleases.

 "Centrena, are you hungry?"


 She looks around the room, nodding her head. Maybe for a moment, she didn't know where she was. If it's the stable, breakfast might be served.

 Well, this Seteas Inn is definitely spacious. The room entrances, the staircase, and this dining hall too. While I eat my meal, I can even feed a piece of meat that Milenoa-san cooked to Centrena, who's sitting next to me with his mouth wide open.

 "Truly, it seems delicious when she eats, doesn't it?"


 "I'm sure she's saying it's delicious."

 "Is that so, Soutome-sama?"

 "Yes. Look, she even opens her mouth and waits after finishing eating."

 "Oh my goodness."

 Milenoa-san seems happy. Her cooking was originally lightly seasoned, but it was quite delicious. With Rosalier-san's seasoning, it seems like this restaurant will soon be filled with customers coming to eat.

 "Thank you, Seteas-san."

 "You're welcome. No problem—— ohhhh, excuse me."

 "You don't really think I'm sorry, do you?"

 "Yeah, definitely."



 Centrena and I said goodbye to the two of them and left Seteas Inn. The time on the 'Display Self-Status Mystery System' had just passed 8 in the morning. There were quite a few people walking in the castle town, but seeing me on Centrena didn't really surprise anyone. Many people greeted me, though. They call me 'Saint-sama'...

 On the way to the guild, I put samples of soil and lake water in a bottle. This finishes the sample collection for Swiglefen. All that's left is to go to the guild.



 It's a message from Maya-chan.

 'Good morning, brother! What's your plan for today?'

 "Um, let's see. 'I'm going to stop by the guild, then go to Watterhill, and finally return to Ensgard.' - Sent."


 'It's snowing here. So cold, but Mii-chan is warm.'

 "Oh, it's snowing. Ah, right. 'Collect some of that snow in a bottle.' - Sent."


 'Got it. Be careful and come back safely.'

 "'Understood. Say hi to everyone for me.' - Sent."



 "Alright, let's go Centrena."


 Centrena started walking towards the guild. The familiar brick-colored mosaic pattern on the exterior wall. It seemed busy with people coming and going, but I wondered if something happened. Just as I was thinking that, a voice called out from behind.

 "Excuse me, Soutome-sama."

 "Huh? Oh, Seteas-san, it's been a while."

 Even though it's winter, there's sweat on his forehead. Did he run all the way here? Maybe.

 "Yes, it's been a while since we last met. I'm sorry for not introducing myself earlier. The moving process started today."

 "Oh, the new guild building. It's finally done."

 "Yes, that's right."

 So this place will soon become my new home. Oh, I was planning to unload the detoxification Magic Tool here.

 "By the way, Seteas-san."


 "About the detoxification Magic Tool."

 "I appreciate it."

 "I have around 20 of them, can I unload them here?"

 "Well, that's a bit..."

 "Are Mahiru-chan and Asaya-kun not here yet?"

 "I believe they are still at the royal castle. We asked them to help with moving the big items in the afternoon."

 "Oh, both of them have the Space Attribute after all."

 "Yes, it's quite enviable..."

 "In that case, I'll give one of them to either of them."

 "If you could, that would be great."

 "Alright then."

 "Well, take care."

 Centrena started running quickly in the direction I pointed. The route is simple. Once we reach the lake, we just need to run along the waterway. Look, the royal castle is coming into view.

 Until we arrived here, no one seemed surprised to see Centrena. Maybe it's because I'm with her? No, I think it's because Privia-san stood out.

 The drawbridge extends to the grounds of the royal castle. It feels nostalgic. Even though carriages pass through, it doesn't feel too narrow when Centrena walks. Oh, there's a new building over there. That's probably the guild building.

 I'm heading straight to the royal castle. I plan to meet Risleyria-san first and then go back. With Centrena here, the distance from the drawbridge to the royal castle is a breeze.

 "Ah, how long it felt when we were walking..."

 The first time I was brought to this world. It was a real shock to see my first death right after I escaped from the royal castle...


 "No, over here, about this."

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