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Volume 5 Chapter 43 I'm Being Targeted, But...

Volume 5 Chapter 43 I'm Being Targeted, But...

 Slightly behind me, the others also break through the delinquents.

 "Darn it, looks like Black Blade got there first."

 Reed muttered with a click of his tongue, while Mikage, upon seeing that, smiled a bit proudly. We weren't really competing, but they were a relaxed bunch. Even if a group of delinquents were to come at them, it seemed like child's play to them.

 "I was watching from afar, but you have unbelievable strength. To think you're only using half your usual power, it's surprising."

 "Thanks to you, my daily lives might be affected."

 In response to Nikyou's mix of praise and exasperation, I honestly replied. Once this is over, it might be good to ask Kyunei to strengthen my weakening magic. If I can get used to doing it myself instead of relying on her, it would make daily life much easier.

 'We'll think about the future after getting through this situation.'

 That's right.

 I turn my gaze towards Nikyou and Mikage once again. The two of them nod with serious expressions, then rush towards the tavern (club) where Narinki is likely to be. However, Bael and Weiss pay no attention to the passing pair and leisurely descend from the stage at the entrance of the tavern.

 The remaining members of the Jingin Family and the mercenaries are dealing with the delinquents. They are acting as a barrier to prevent them from entering the tavern and to keep us and Reed from being disturbed.

 With the noise starting again behind us, I ask Bael and the others,

 "Is it okay to let him go? Your target is Nikyou, right?"

 Nikyou's role is to secure Narinki. Indoors and in combat, Nikyou is clearly superior to me. Additionally, Mikage is accompanying him in case of emergencies.

 Initially, both Aina and I were against bringing Nikyou here.

 If he were to fall, there was a risk that the Jingin Family would fall apart from there. However, even knowing that risk, Nikyou never backed down from accompanying. It would be unacceptable for Nikyou as the boss of the organization (mafia) to leave everything to us outsiders like me and Reed, as it would damage his reputation.

 What the members of the Family seek from the boss is not just leadership and fighting strength. It's about the spirit within. Nikyou says that it's absolutely necessary to be a man who takes the lead when needed, stands at the forefront, and leads everyone, not just with strength but with determination. I wasn't so foolish as to refuse after being told that, and Aina eventually agreed as well.

 Bael and the others should understand that Nikyou's target is Narinki.

 "My priorities have changed due to the wishes of my employer (Narinki). He want the head of Black Blade (you)."

 As expected, when it's actually said out loud, it starts to feel unpleasant.

 "It's just a matter of switching positions. After we clean up you guys properly, it's the turn of the two who went inside."

 "Narinki has the money at least. Inside the tavern (club), there are decently skilled people he hired waiting. We'll earn enough time to finish the job in front of us."

 In the end, it's the same here and there. If Reed and I don't handle the job in front of us properly, everything will go bankrupt. It's a serious responsibility.

 "Black Blade, let's liven things up with a flashy strike."

 "Don't say it like you're leading a party..."

 While exchanging words with Reed, I hold the black spear in the opposite hand and increase its weight with Enchantment - Weight Increase. At the same time, Reed also readies his snake belly sword as if pulling the bowstring taut.


 Without planning it, Reed and I simultaneously release our weapons. The enlarged black spear and the extending tip of the snake belly soar through the air.

 Of course, even an amateur can easily avoid attacks if they understand the timing of the shots. Skilled individuals like Bael can dodge with ease.

 But I'm well aware of such things myself.

 As expected, the two of them split to the left and right to dodge, but the target was not there from the beginning.


 The black spear struck right in the middle of where Bael and the others were standing. The impact of the thrust was so strong that it raised a cloud of dust on the ground, swirling it up. The sand and dust reached Bael and Weiss, who had managed to avoid the point of impact, prompting them to shield their eyes with their hands to prevent being blinded.


 Piercing through the dust, a glint struck Bael.


 The agonizing voice that escaped Bael was met with Reed's snake belly blade. Utilizing the recoil from piercing the ground amidst the dust raised by the black spear, Reed had corrected the trajectory to target Bael.

 ...Putting it into words, it was clearly abnormal.

 It's been like that from the start, but the length doesn't add up when transitioning from the sword form of the snake belly sword to the whip form. The sword form is about the length of a one-and-a-half-handed sword (bastard sword), but once it splits and becomes the whip form, it's clearly "too long". And even if it uses reflection to correct its trajectory, the angle is too steep.

 Gram explained that it's a specific magic item, but even so, it's a bit over the top.

 "Alright, I've got the upper hand!"

 Reed, who winds back the snake belly and clenches his fist, might have a sword that is even more extraordinary than I had imagined. It might even rival my Black Spear (Gram).

 However, my thoughts are interrupted there. Something even more astonishing catches my eye.

 On the snake belly sword that has returned to its sword form, there was Bael's blood attached.

 That blood gradually changed from red to blue.

 Reed also noticed that, his eyes widened in surprise.

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