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Volume 5 Chapter 41 Side Pig Boss

Volume 5 Chapter 41 Side Pig Boss

 The base of the Kahlua Family was the former Mafia territory that Narinki took over when he moved into Eubarest. Although their influence was lower than Jingin, the location was ideal for business, catching Narinki's eye soon after the expansion.

 After being taken under his wing, renovations were carried out, and now it has become a high-class tavern (club).

 While the tavern managed by the Jingin Family has a calm atmosphere, the tavern (club) created by Narinki is likely to have a flashy image.

 "You bastards!"

 Narinki sat at the back table in the store, the one that welcomed the most customers, and slammed down the empty glass he had just finished drinking from. The deep red flush that had bloated up was not just because of the alcohol.

 For security reasons, in this space, there were a few people from Narinki's team who were relatively skilled, strategically placed. However, they were positioned away from Narinki.

 The main bodyguards were Bael and Weiss, who were standing by Narinki's side. The others were just extras.

 Bael stood tall near the person he was guarding (Narinki), while Weiss sat on a chair with his feet up on the table.

 "You seem quite 'cheerful'. Was losing that fight yesterday really that frustrating for you?"

 Narinki glared at Weiss with a hint of annoyance in his voice, but he didn't bother to argue with him, given Weiss's laid-back demeanor.

 "That's one part of it, but it's not just that. The young troublemaker who got mixed up in yesterday's fight... that's the issue."

 He poured a new drink from the nearby bottle and took a sip. When the glass was placed back on the table, his face remained red, but his outwardly calm was restored.

 Narinki also overheard talk about the tourist who had come from outside.

 The fact was the tourist was interfering with his small-time earners, causing repeated trouble and making it difficult to ignore. The attempts to settle the matter by bringing in more people were all known.

 In response to this series of events, Narinki chose not to intervene. He considered it only natural.

 In the mafia, reputation is everything. Reputation is synonymous with fear. This fear is what shapes the mafia's control, for better or for worse.

 If even one tourist disrespects them, it can affect other earners. Understanding this, Narinki silently allowed the actions of the small-timers.

 But little did he expect that his opponent would turn out to be none other than 'Black Blade', the most powerful mercenary in the country right now.

 "In the bustling city of Eubarest, the majority of Kahlua's members are nothing more than small-time thugs. They lack interest in events outside the city and cannot make judgments based on physical appearance."

 Upon hearing Bael's mutterings, Narinki clicked his tongue. He thought he understood the recklessness of his subordinates to some extent, but he was increasingly frustrated by their ignorance surpassing his expectations.

 Just before the conflict began,

 When the boss Nikyou emerged from the Jingin Family's tavern, a young man carrying a black spear came out with him. At that moment, he should have realized it was Yukina, also known as Black Blade. At the very least, Narinki was familiar with his distinctive features and appearance. He shouldn't have been distracted by the talk of his subordinates about a stunningly beautiful woman, it was not the time to be complacent.

 "If I had noticed it at that time..."

 When his underlings realized they were going to settle the score, he should have increased their numbers. Alternatively, he should have targeted him thoroughly and taken him out during the conflict. It wouldn't have mattered whether Bael or Weiss was sent.

 However, because he didn't do that, they ended up joining with an organization (mafia) that he didn't want to stir up trouble with.

 "Black Blade is still 3rd rank, but has been climbing the ranks in a short period of time. That alone should leave a good impression on the guild's upper echelons. Among his comrades is the 2nd rank mercenary Silver Flash (Mikage). If they manage to escape Eubarest and flee to the royal capital, it will be a disaster."

 To be frank, they are making a series of bad moves.

 "But they won't escape so easily. The move we showed them at the end of the conflict should have an impact."

 "Taking advantage of the chaos, Bael and I (Weiss) had planned to take down Nikyou, but well, it's all good in the end, it was a close call though."

 That move was originally a maneuver against Reed and his mercenary group, who is allied with the Jingin Family. Just as Reed saw Bael and Weiss as threats, the Narinki side also saw Nikyou as the biggest obstacle to taking him down. It was a plan for that reason, but it was unexpected that he (Reed) had been laying low even after the conflict began. Thanks to that, they missed the timing to make their move.

 "Due to Trampling's mercenary group missing the opportunity, we didn't achieve the results we initially hoped for. However, it should have served as a deterrent to the Black Blade group."

 "I'm a bit skeptical about that point. Can I trust those words?"

 "I won't deceive in a way that would disadvantage my employer. Most likely, there won't be any escape."

 While being looked at suspiciously by Narinki, Bael and Weiss calmly responded.

 Swirling the drink in his glass, Narinki fell silent for a while. Despite the silence, the tension only increased, causing the onlookers who were just listening to the conversation to break out in a cold sweat.

 Eventually, Narinki addressed the two.

 "Deal with the Black Blade group by any means necessary. Unfortunately, take care of his companions as well. Make sure to settle it within Eubarest."

 In a voice laden with pressure, Weiss whistled.

 "What about Reed and Nikyou?"

 "...Those group more important than Reed and Nikyou's lives── even more so than my own guards."

 "Are you sure it's alright for your protection to be weakened?"

 Taken aback by the unexpected order, Bael also interjected for confirmation.

 "Don't underestimate me (Narinki). I may look like a dull man on the surface, but while you guys are busy taking down Black Blade, I've got plenty of cash to throw at the wall."

 Narinki glared at both of them with an unprecedented intensity. He wasn't just a money-grubbing miser. Despite being different from Nikyou, he exuded the aura of a mafia boss who could bring all the pieces together.

 Certainly, he was obsessed with making money, no different from a villain who would resort to any means for wealth. However, can a mere money-grubbing rich man make a significant impact in Eubarest's underworld in a short period?

 The answer is ──definitely not.

 This man understands that money can generate more money. He knows better than anyone how to tighten the screws where needed and pour funds like water when necessary.

 Getting involved in illegal business was a decision he made to earn more money. That's why he poured in a large amount of funds to make even more profit. Apart from the fatal lack of ethics and legal spirit, he was truly a pure merchant.

 Because of this, it's inevitable for the country to go all out to capture Narinki. Allowing him to do as he pleases could lead to the collapse of the country's economy. Despite having the talent to become a great merchant in the legitimate world, he was making a killing in the underworld.

 Therefore, Narinki understands better than anyone that in business, there are always returns and risks.

 "If I get greedy for my own gain and miss out on this 'opportunity', I'd be in a cage by now. This is a huge business deal for me to bring Eubarest under my control. If I back out now, it would make no sense for Arcus-kun to have come all this way."

 Narinki is aware of his own dullness. That's why he spend and invest money. The people he hired with the money he earned are Narinki's strength.

 If, for instance, his hired individuals were to be defeated or betrayed, it would simply mean that his money power was insufficient.

 "If it is the will of our employer, then let us comply."

 "Besides, indirectly, we also have a bit of a history with those Black Blade. I want to settle the unfinished business from yesterday properly."

 His two guards, while bringing up their employment relationship, wore satisfied smiles at the dignity shown by the boss of the Kahlua Family.

 ──Suddenly, there was a commotion outside the shop.

 Bael and Weiss both turned their eyes to the entrance, and shortly after, the door was violently opened, and delinquent members and employees came rolling in. Their breathless appearance was no trivial matter.

 "What's going on..."

 "I-it's a confrontation with the Jingin Family! That guy Reed and the kid carrying a spear are with them too!"


 Narinki, who quickly finished drinking the nearby bottle of alcohol and slammed it on the table, causing a loud noise. The people inside the tavern, including the delinquents who had rolled in, were startled and their shoulders trembled.

 "Let's get to work right away."

 Narinki stood up and started walking, followed by Bael and Weiss.

 As they headed towards the exit of the tavern, Narinki Kahlua raised his voice.

 "Gather all the pieces you have! If you win this fight, next month's salary will be double the usual! I'll pay five times to those who protect me with their lives! I'll promote those I have high hopes for to executives with ten times the pay! Spread the word about this thoroughly! Make sure everyone knows, without exception!"

 Narinki never hesitated to spend money when the time called for it.

 He didn't hold back on spending money.

 He was not afraid to risk everything for a major gamble.

 ──It was truly a sign of his leadership as a boss.

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