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I Shall Create the Hero's Legend Behind the Hero's Legend - The Heroics of A Royal Road Killer〜

Genre: ActionFantasyRomanceEcchiHaremGrowth

Raw Source: here

Other name: Yuusha Densetsu no Uragawa de Ore wa Eiyuu Densetsu o Tsukurimasu: Oudou Goroshi no Eiyuutan


A young boy, chosen by the gods, sets off on a journey with a princess and friends to obtain the holy sword and defeat the Demon King. It's a common, ordinary fairy tale, doesn't it?

However, what would happen if an "Eiyuu" appeared behind the scenes where a "Yuusha" was born? What if the princess and friends met the "Eiyuu" before encountering the "Yuusha"? What if the "Eiyuu" obtained a "legendary weapon" equivalent to the "Holy Sword" held by the Yuusha?

This is not the battle between the Yuusha burdened with the fate of saving the world and the Demon King, but rather the story of a young man named Yukina, who lives in the same village as the Yuusha, and his talking weapon "Gram," acquired by chance, weaving the "heroic legend" behind the scenes of the Yuusha's legend.

──Yuusha has lots of talent, but our main character starts off ordinary and grows over time.

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