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Chapter 84 The Disappointing Hero Faces a Choice

Chapter 84 The Disappointing Hero Faces A Choice.Txt

 'Still awake?'

 'Yeah, I'm awake. Junji fell asleep though.'

 'Can I come over there for a bit?'


 Is Junji-kun really asleep? I guess it was the right call to contact without ringing the doorbell. I leave home and head to Misa-chan's room.

 Just as I stood in front of the room, the door opened. Quietly opening the door, I was greeted by Misa-chan in her pajamas.

 "Sorry, I'm in this outfit."

 "No worries."

 Instead, it's a reward, I swallowed the rest of the sentence. It seems Junji-kun fell asleep in the living room and was covered with a blanket.

 "Oh, he fell asleep here."

 "Yeah, he did. He played with his friends for a long time today and got tired."

 "It would be sad to move him now, I'll carry him to the bedroom later."

 As I was looking at Junji-kun, Misa-chan tugged at my sleeve.

 "Tadayuki-kun coming over was great. I... had something I wanted to ask, so…"

 She said, looking a little shy.

 I wonder, am I being too conscious of the goddess's words, or does she feel cuter than usual?

 "What is it that you wanted to ask me...?"

 "Yeah, this way…"

 As Misa-chan tugged on my sleeve, we headed to the bedroom—though nothing convenient was bound to happen, and we ended up sitting face-to-face in the dining area adjacent to the living room. On the dining table, there were notebooks and reference books spread out.

 "I wanted to ask about this. Wasn't it Tadayuki-kun's strong subject?"

 She asked in a hushed voice, so as not to wake Junji-kun. I responded in a lowered voice as well.

 "Oh, yeah. I've been out of practice for a while, but..."

 I explained the problem she presented, and Misa-chan nodded along, occasionally interjecting with "Oh, I see," and "Mm-hmm, I see." After finishing solving the problems, Misa-chan suddenly covered her mouth in surprise.

 "Sorry for not preparing drinks and only thinking about myself."

 "No, don't worry about it."

 As she got up from her seat to prepare tea, I felt a sense of nostalgia. Back in high school, before heading to the library after school, I would often be teased by Kanae.

 'Oh, Tadayuki. Are you going to cheat on the library again?'

 'No, what are you talking about? Is Kanae coming too?'

 'Nah, because even if I go, it'll just be entering the world of Yoshino-san and Tadayuki.'

 'No, it's because we're studying.'

 'It's not just that. You two have something in common, like your hobbies and stuff.'

 'Well, we do have similar preferences in light novels and manga...'

 'See? Well, I'm open-minded, so I'll overlook it a bit.'

 'No, that's not what I meant.'

 'Hehe, I know. I know that Tadayuki likes me too much. Have a good time!'

 Well, looking back now, I was not just studying in the library, but I also enjoyed talking about hobbies. Maybe that was actually the main thing.

 It's just like a recreation of those days, whispering so as not to wake up Junji-kun.


 "Doesn't this feeling remind you of the old days?"

 As if my inner voice had leaked out, Misa-chan said that. While she placed tea in front of me, she narrowed her eyes with a joyful expression. Watching her, I took a sip of tea.

 And then...

 "I actually liked you."

 Oops. I unintentionally spit out the tea I had just drunk!

 Huh!? Wait, wait, wait! M-Misa-chan, did you like me?

 Seeing my flustered reaction, Misa-chan noticed the impact of her words and shook her hands in surprise.

 "Oh, s-sorry! I meant that I liked... um, that time we spent together studying! That time!"

 "Ah, oh, yeah! I see!"

 "Uh, yeah, that's right!"

 As I wiped my face with the prepared tissue, I looked at the table. I discovered that the droplets I had splattered had landed on the edge of the notebook, so I reached out in that direction.

 ——And then.

 At the same time, Misa-chan also reached out for the notebook. Our fingertips touched, we glanced at each other, and silently withdrew our hands at the same time.

 "Sorry, about the notebook..."

 "No, no, don't worry..."

 Phew. What's this?

 If I were observing this exchange from a third-party perspective.

 'I mean, just get together already.'

 I would have thought. But of course, I wouldn't make such an optimistic judgment. Because when I made Yamaguchi understand Joichiro's true nature, I said,

 'I think he's a good person, but for me, he's strictly in the friend zone. I could never consider him as a marriage partner or even as a potential companion for the night!'

 That's because I could sense your reaction, you know.

 It was dangerous, if that didn't happen, it would have been bad. I endured it!

 Well, I guess I'm in a situation where I have to endure it.

 I came here to make my feelings clear, after all.

 While Misa-chan prepared tea again, she continued the conversation from earlier.

 "You know, my dad is strict, right?"


 "That's why, even from when I was a kid, he was really picky about my choice of friends. I didn't have many opportunities to play with friends. And then, I got into books and manga, and Tadayuki-kun knew a lot about them too. You were the first person I could really connect with like that."

 "I see."

 "High school wasn't always fun, but the time I spent with Tadayuki-kun is truly my treasure."


 I see.

 Back then, I could only see Kanae.

 I wonder if there was a route like Misa-chan's in a multi-romance simulation game.

 Well, it seems that Kanae and Takashi have been cheating on each other since high school, so if I knew that, there wouldn't be a Kanae route for now.

 No, wait, is this kind of thinking too much like a game brain?



 Notification of skill level up?

 ([Return by death] can be upgraded to [Redo], the selectable time is 10 minutes.)

 Following the internal announcement, the countdown begins at 9:59, 9:58.

 [Redo]... you say?

 I look at Misa-chan sitting in front of me again.

 "What's wrong?"

 She looked at me with a curious expression.

 Could it be that I can redo my youth with this girl?

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