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Chapter 17 Bandit (Part Two)

Chapter 17 Bandit (Part Two)

 I went outside to examine the footprints. It seems like they are also riding horses. The footprints are headed northeast, just as Kashima said. Ahead, there was a rocky mountain.

 (There shouldn't be any undead there. The bandits must have set up camp at that rocky mountain.)

 Kashima Shogo said there were six bandits. Five people were taken. It's unlikely that they all got on horses. The horses would get tired.

 Perhaps the bandits are making Kiridani Jun and Shimura walk while tied with ropes. Even considering that, the bandits' camp shouldn't be too far. I got on a horse and started riding in the direction the bandits went.

 I was near the middle of the rocky mountain. I tied the horse in a distant place. In this world, you can use magic tools to fix the reins of a horse in any place. It's possible to release the magic tool from a distance. In other words, there's no need to worry about the horse running away if you leave it a little far, and you can call it anytime.

 And before I knew it, underneath a distant rocky ledge, a faint red glow permeated. That place was the campsite of the bandits. I cautiously approached the location, hiding in the shadow of the rocks.

 "Boss, today we unexpectedly obtained something unusual."

 A man's voice echoed. Peeking through, I saw six men gathered around a campfire. Among them, there was one man wearing a fur earmuff hat and a glossy scale armor. It seemed that he was the boss of this band of bandits.

 Next to the boss, Aoki Runa and Nemoto Reiko were seated. Although ropes were wrapped around their waists, their hands and feet were free. They were being forced to pour alcohol for the men. Even without understanding the words, it was clear that they were requesting alcohol by offering the cups.

 And a little distance away from the bandits, Kiridani Jun and Shimura were bound. They seemed to have suffered severe beatings, as their faces were swollen beyond recognition. A gag was tightly fastened to their mouths.

 (Nomura-san is not here... What happened?)

 I carefully looked around, but I couldn't find Nomura Mika anywhere.

 The boss takes a sip of his drink.

 "Well, well. These women don't seem to understand a word, but there's no problem in selling them as slaves. They're still young, in good health, and their bodies are quite good. They should fetch a high price."

 The boss chuckles and hands a cup to Aoki Runa, who is standing beside him.

 Trembling, Aoki Runa fills the cup with alcohol.

 One of the subordinates speaks up.

 "What about the men? What will we do with them?"

 "The same thing. Sell them as slaves. If they don't sell, well, they can be sold as live bait to those orcs. They're always hungry for healthy humans. It should at least cover the cost of the drinks."

 Laughter erupts from the bandits. Then, one of them speaks.

 "By the way, boss. Before we sell the women, we naturally get a taste, right? How about it, is it about time..."

 The grotesque, leering face was illuminated red by the flames of the bonfire. Without thinking, I tightly gripped my sword.

 "Well then, it's about time I have my way with a woman. But let me make it clear, this woman will be for my enjoyment only."

 The boss of the bandits said that and forcefully pulled Aoki Runa towards him. Runa let out a small scream.

 "And what about the others?"

 "Oh, you can do whatever you want with them. How about you decide the order with your usual game?"

 "As expected of the boss. You're so considerate."

 The five subordinates of the bandits lined up a little distance away. In their line of sight were Kiridani Jun and Shimura. They had small throwing darts. It seems they intended to use the two of them as targets.

 (What the hell are they doing!)

 But even if I were to rush in now, I wouldn't be able to take on six people by myself. I have no choice but to wait for an opportunity.

 The first person said, "I'll go first," and threw a dart. It flew towards Kiridani, who twisted his body. The dart pierced his arm.


 Unable to speak due to the gag, Kiridani writhed in agony. The four men behind him cheered on the man who cursed and threw the dart.

 The man at the back said, "I'll take a piss before I throw," and left the line. The boss said, "Don't do it nearby, it stinks. Go down below and do it."

 This is my chance.

 I quietly followed the man who left the drinking party and went down the rocky mountain. About a hundred meters down, the man lowered his pants and urinated. I approached him from behind, quickly covered his mouth, and stabbed the base of his neck with the dagger I had. This is the medulla, the central region that controls vital functions. If it is destroyed, a person will die instantly without making a sound.

 I supported the fallen man's body and made him sit on a rock. The stab wound on the man's neck was covered up with a bandana that was tied around his neck. Having done that, I tried to return to the bonfire. There was a rock along the way that looked like it would move if I put enough force into it.

 (If I drop this rock, I can kill them all at once.)

 I went down again and moved the man's body directly below where the rock had tumbled down. Make it look like he is sitting.

 As I was about to return to my original spot, I felt someone coming down. He's one of the bandits. I hid myself in the shadow of a rock. The man who came and spoke to the dead man.

 "Zack, it's your turn."

 The man said as he came down.

 "It's quite long, isn't it? Is it a big one?"

 He said as he walked past me. I quickly stood up and stabbed the man in the kidney from behind with my dagger. If you get stabbed here, you won't be able to make a sound due to the pain. I then pull out a dagger from the man whose body arches away, and then pierces his medulla oblongata as well. The man died.

 I made the man sit next to the previous man. Even though blood was flowing, it wouldn't be noticeable in this darkness.

 Now, I returned to the bonfire. The three subordinates were still playing darts with Kiridani Jun and Shimura as targets. Both of them tried to avoid the darts by twisting their bodies, but they were bound and somehow fixed in place, so they couldn't move much.

 Therefore, they groaned in pain each time a dart pierced their bodies. Every time that happened, the subordinates laughed, and Aoki Runa and Nemoto Reiko looked at them with fearful eyes. One of the men suddenly remembered and said,

 "Come to think of it, Zack hasn't come back yet."

 "That's right. Chikufu, who was called, hasn't returned either."

 "Shall we go check on them?"

 When one of the subordinates tried to leave the game, the boss called out,

 "Wait. Just in case, three of you, let's go together. I don't think the security team or bandits' hunters would come to a place like this at this time, but it's better to be safe than sorry."

 The subordinates looked at each other and answered, "Understood," before leaving the bonfire and descending. I hid in the shadow of the rock that seemed to be able to be dropped earlier. The three of them came down in a line.

 "What a hassle. It's about to get interesting."

 "Exactly. I want to settle this quickly and have some fun with the girl."

 "Those bastards, Zack and Chikufu, causing trouble."

 Muttering like that, they passed by the rock where I was hiding. Below, there were two dead bodies of bandits sitting side by side, as if they were sitting together. The three of them spoke to the two bodies.

 "What are you doing, Zack, Chikufu?"

 "Having a private conversation in a place like this?"

 "Come up quickly. The fun is just beginning."

 And I pushed the rock with all my strength.

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