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Chapter 7 Dusk on the Old Battlefield (Part Two)

Chapter 7 Dusk On The Old Battlefield (Part Two)

 Everyone gathers around the fire, sitting down.

 (I hope that everyone in the class will find this fire and come together here.)

 As I gaze at the fire, I ponder such things.

 "I'm... hungry..."

 Reiko Nemoto muttered quietly. We haven't eaten or drunk anything all day. It must be reaching its limit. I take out five pastries from my backpack and three bottles of 500cc water. I distribute them to everyone.

 "One bottle of water is for two people. Shimura, please think of it as two days' worth."

 When I handed them to Reiko Nemoto and Mika Nomura, they said "thank you" in a small voice. Shimura grumbles discontentedly, "If you had water, you should have given it out already. Everyone said they were thirsty."

 "If I had given it out there, they would have gulped it down and not had any until night. We can't waste it."

 Shimura silently accepted the pastry and water, unsure of how much of my words had gotten through. I returned to Morimura's side and handed him a pastry to eat. The surroundings had already grown dark. After finishing my meal, I peered out the window to observe the area in all directions. Upon looking around again, there was not a single other light visible within range.

 (I guess there are no intelligent creatures around here that would use fire. Lucky, I guess. Or maybe not.)

 Before I knew it, Morimura had come to my side.

 "I wonder how everyone else is doing by now."

 "I saw everyone running into the same forest from the grassland where the goblins were. If they had run straight from there, they should have come out somewhere nearby, I think."

 "But there's still a possibility that the other are being attacked by monsters in the forest too."

 That possibility is high. Or rather, it's more unnatural to think that only we are being attacked.

 (Aside from Morimura, I definitely want Akamine Alice, Midoritani Tsubasa, and Kondo Shuichi to survive...)

 "We were saved because Akito-kun protected us, but everyone else..."

 "Don't worry."

 I said confidently to ease my anxiety.

 "Whether it's a goblin or a wyvern, they're not very powerful monsters. Unless they catch us off guard, humans can handle them. So if we all work together, we'll be okay."

 However, that's only if everyone stays calm.

 "But I'm sure there are other monsters too."

 "I'm not too concerned about that either. If there are many weak monsters, there must be few strong monsters in that place. Otherwise, the weak ones would be eaten. The other monsters are probably similar in strength, like goblins or wyverns."

 Morimura noticed it. But he didn't say anything. He must have sensed that I wouldn't answer.

 "If Akito-kun says so, then it's surely okay,"

 He only said those words.

 (Is this flexibility of Morimura a necessary quality?)

 I recalled the events in the past reincarnated event and thought so. When I returned to the bonfire, the two girls were dozing off. Shimura has been yawning repeatedly since a while ago.

 (It's not surprising. Suddenly being thrown into this world. It's tiring, isn't it?)

 But we can't just all fall asleep like this.

 "Everyone, wake up and listen to me."

 At my words, the three of them woke up with a startled expression.

 "Everyone must be sleepy, but we can't all sleep at once. We'll take turns in pairs to keep watch for two hours each. Let's decide on the shifts."

 Everyone nodded silently.

 "I think two girls can be scary. So, first it will be Shimura and Nemoto-san, and next will be Morimura and Nomura-san."

 "What about Akito?" asked Shimura.

 "I'll go last by myself."

 If the undead were to attack, it would likely be late at night. I want to make sure I'm keeping watch during that time.

 "I wonder if a day in this world is also 24 hours?"

 Morimura voiced his question. He's always calm and has a different perspective.

 "Don't worry. This world also has the same 24 hours as us. We were in the classroom at 8:20 a.m. And when we arrived at the Goblin Grasslands, it still felt like morning. So, almost 10 hours of the day were daytime. It's safe to assume that a day is 24 hours."

 "I see, now that you mention it."

 Then, I took out my smartphone.

 "It's currently 6:54 p.m. Let's start at 7 p.m. Everyone, please set an alarm for when you wake up."

 At my word, Nomura-san said,

 "I have a question."

 "What is it?"

 "Even if we're told to keep watch, what are we supposed to watch for? We don't even know what kind of creatures or monsters exist in this world, even if we call them enemies."

 "In that sense, anything that moves is an enemy. Basically, in this world, we have to see anyone who approaches us as an enemy."


 "The exception is our other classmates, but if they're moving on a night like this, they're probably being chased by something. In that case, we have to help. So if you hear a human voice, wake everyone up first."

 "Got it."

 And so, we spent the first night in the new world for our classmates, and for me, it was the umpteenth night.

 The alarm on my smartphone rang. My consciousness immediately awakened. My mind had already adapted to this world.

 (I've repeated this so many times, it's only natural)

 When I sat up, Morimura, who was standing by the window, looked at me.

 "Akito-kun, you're already awake."

 "Because it's time for a shift, right?"

 "I thought you must be the most tired, so I was thinking of letting you sleep a little longer."

 Morimura said that with a gentle smile. I've been saved by his kindness many times before.

 "No, I don't need that kind of consideration. Rules are rules, and they must be followed."

 Nomura Mika, who had been watching from the other side of the window, also came over to us.

 "Will it be okay for Akito-kun to keep watch alone for the next two hours?"

 She probably only has the impression of me from the usual classroom, and she's not hiding her anxiety.

 "I'll be fine. I'm used to this from solo camping."

 And I said the usual lie. I don't know if she believed it or not, but she just said, "Is that so."

 "If you understand, both of you go to sleep. We have to walk again tomorrow. If anything happens, I'll wake you up."

 I told them so. Nomura Mika looked at me. And muttered quietly.

 "When can we return to the original world?"

 I ignored that question. Because the time for me to return to the original world is when I die.

 I went around the second floor alone, keeping an eye on the surroundings from various windows. Along the way, I tied the rope that I had put in my backpack to one of the pillars and bundled it near the window.

 (If they were to attack, it would be after midnight.)

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